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With both Washington and Colorado state legalizing the growing, sale and use of Cannabis and Marijuana seeds, together with 17 other states which have legalized the use of Medical Marijuana, demand for high quality, genuine Cannabis seeds in the USA has never been greater than it is presently.

For many smokers, the opportunity of growing their own Marijuana legally, and without prejudice is a dream come true, and often creates a completely new hobby for a wide number of people both male and female. Many people who would never dream of growing flowers or vegetables are filled with the urge to learn how to grow their own Marijuana and Cannabis plants, producing high quality buds at a fraction of the price.

Their are two ways to grow Cannabis seeds in the USA, either outside during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons, or indoors, inside a purpose built grow room or tent. Although Cannabis Seeds are easy to grow, it is important to remember that they do require some amount of care and attention, and often the better the care and environment, the greater and more potent the harvest.

3 Types of US Cannabis Seeds


When you decide to buy Cannabis seeds in the USA it is important that you understand the three main categories into which all Cannabis seeds fall into. Ensuring that the Cannabis seeds you buy are of the correct genetic make-up for your needs is a vital part in achieving the best harvest possible. Here is a brief description of the 3 types of  US Cannabis seeds.


Regular US Cannabis Seeds.

 Regular Cannabis Seeds UsaThe term Regular Cannabis Seeds refers to any Cannabis seeds for sale that contain a mixture of both male and female genetics. These Regular Cannabis seeds are formed naturally by the pollination of a female and male Cannabis plant, and will grow into either a male, or female plant.

Male Cannabis plants have no value for the smoker, as they do not produce the buds or resin, which contains the psychoactive ingredients found in the female plants. However, for the Cannabis seed gardener who wishes to produce their own Cannabis seeds, or new Cannabis strain, a male is vital for stable seed production.



Feminized US Cannabis Seeds.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds UsaFeminized Cannabis seeds have become more and more popular as they are guaranteed to produce female plants 99% of the time. This allows the gardener to grow a set number of plants, safe in the knowledge they will be female, bud producing plants once in flower.

Almost all the major Cannabis seed banks and producers now create feminized seeds, as the demand for female only seeds is far greater than that for the Regular Cannabis seed types. Cuttings can be taken from feminized Cannabis seeds in the same way as Regular Cannabis seeds, and almost all strains can be propagated and regenerated.



Autoflowering US Cannabis Seeds.

Autoflowering Cannabis seeds Usa Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds, or Auto seeds as they are often called, refer to types of Cannabis seeds that flower regardless of the number of light hours they receive. As Autoflowering Cannabis seeds grow, they flower and bud automatically, this makes them an ideal choice for growing outdoors where it is more difficult to regulate the daylight hours necessary to flower Regular or Feminized Cannabis seeds.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds rarely grow as tall as their counter-parts, remaining shorter and squat. The main advantage is the speed with which they can grow, flower and mature, with many strains requiring approximately 8 weeks to mature from germinating the seeds.



Strains Of US Cannabis Seeds


Once you have selected the type of US Cannabis seeds required, you will need to select a strain of Cannabis seeds to grow. Again there are 3 distinct categories into which all Cannabis seeds fall. Almost all modern Cannabis seeds are hybrids containing two, and sometimes all three of these types of Cannabis and selecting a strain with the correct balance for your needs is important when considering growing Cannabis seeds in the USA.



Indica US Cannabis Seeds

Indica Cannabis Seeds Usa Indica Cannabis seeds have evolved in some of the most harsh conditions on the planet. Remaining short in height and forming more of a bush-like structure, Indica Cannabis seeds are the preferred choice of many indoor growers, especially where height is a concern.

Indica Cannabis seeds are perfect for growing in a cupboard or grow tent and respond well to super-cropping techniques and Sea-of-Green as well as Screen-of-Green growing methods. Generally most Indica strains mature in 8-9 weeks of flowering, which is induced by setting your indoor lighting system to 12 hours on, and 12 hours off.


Sativa US Cannabis Seeds

Sativa Cannabis Seeds Usa Sativa Cannabis seeds grow naturally in countries that enjoy long, hot summer months, and have evolved to develop into a shape similar to a Christmas tree, with wide bottom branches, culminating in a main, central cola. Many growers plant Sativa Cannabis seeds in the USA outdoors, especially those in more southern states.

Sativa Cannabis produces a more cerebral high and is often preferred for its creative and euphoric properties. Flowering requires a longer period, usually around 12 weeks for a true Sativa, but some can require longer, which is why it is advised to grow Sativa Cannabis seeds in the USA outdoors, where they can yield as much as a Kilo of dried buds.


Ruderalis and Hybrid US Cannabis Seeds

Ruderalis Cannabis Seeds Usa Ruderalis is a wild form of Cannabis that produces very little THC or buds, and consequently, is of little use in its natural state. However, as we explained above, it has been introduced into many of the best hybrids, Sativa’s and Indica Cannabis strains to produce Autoflowering seeds.

The term hybrid Cannabis seeds refers to a strain that contains more than one form of Cannabis. All Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are hybrids as they contain at least Ruderalis, and Sativa or Indica genetics, with many containing a combination of all three.



Most of the popular and best Cannabis seeds in the USA are Sativa-Indica hybrids that replicate the best genetics from both sides of its parentage. By using different combinations of Sativa to Indica genetics the Cannabis seed companies can increase the yield and speed with which the seeds grow, as well as improving on the high they produce.


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With over 2,000 different strains of Cannabis Seeds from over 100 breeders and Cannabis seed producers, choosing the best Cannabis seeds for your garden can be difficult. The best advice can often be to follow other growers advice and reviews, ensuring you receive current and relevant reviews on the most popular seeds.

Take your time selecting the best Cannabis seeds for you to grow, whether indoor or outside, and choose strains that best suit both your needs and the environment they are growing in. It is tempting to choose a Sativa which may yield up to a kilo of dried Marijuana buds, however, growing such a plant in an indoor environment requires a great deal of skill and should only be attempted by dedicated and experienced growers.

Both hybrid and pure Indica Cannabis seeds grow very well indoors, and with a much shorter flowering time, are often the preferred choice of many growers. For speed and ease of growing, Autoflowering seeds are the fastest way to a harvest of good quality Marijuana, and over the last decade, many of the best Cannabis Seed Banks have increased their selection of Auto seeds extensively. 


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