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American Haze x California Haze Feminized Seeds

American Haze x California Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

If you like Haze Marijuana strains they don’t come much better or stronger than these two heavyweights. Both Mexican Sativa, the strain blends both together, created a potent new hybrid.

Sativa dominant, American Haze x California Haze feminized seeds produce pure female plants. Perfect for growing outdoors in warm, sunny conditions, the plants can reach up to 2 meters tall.

Best for those growers with at least a small amount of experience or knowledge, the plants require longer to completely flower than many recommended strains. Harvest in late October outdoors.

A mix of two very potent strains, American Haze x California Haze is a USA classic. A great choice for growing outdoors in Southern states, producing fragrant buds with a cerebral high.

American Haze x California Haze Strain Review.

Its’ no surprise these American Haze x California Haze Feminized Marijuana seeds are a popular choice for outdoor growers across the USA. Sativa dominant, stable female seeds that produce tall plants with good yields of potent buds. What’s not to like?

Choosing Feminized Marijuana seeds makes growing easy. No worry about male plants, no wasted time, space or resources. Male Marijuana plants are unwanted by the majority of growers, producing pollen rather than the desired flowers and buds. Planting Feminized Cannabis seeds produces the biggest harvests, ensuring all the plants are female. Find all our Cannabis seeds for sale.

Traditional Marijuana plants have two separate stages to their lives. The vegetative stage, when the plant receives more than 12 hours of daylight, induces the plant the grow and develop leaves and branches. Once the daylight hours reduce and the plant receives at least twelve hours of uninterrupted darkness it begins to flower.

Flowering times vary between each strain and depending upon conditions. Indoor cultivated plants often mature a week or so earlier than outdoor cultivated plants. This is due to the shock that instantly reducing the light hours can cause. On average, these American Haze x California Haze Cannabis plants require 10 weeks to ripen and fully mature.

Haze Cannabis produces potent, cerebral sensations, and this strain produces a full-spectrum of effects. A daytime strain, it induces a physical boost to your motivation and energy levels. The cerebral effects are clear and positive, allowing you to relax and enjoy the day ahead.

  • Sativa dominant genes.
  • Flowering time 10 weeks on average.
  • Yields of 400 grams indoors and 600 grams per plant outdoors.
  • High THC content.
  • Motivating and energizing cerebral high.
  • Natural mood-boost, can assist with depression and mental wellness.

American Haze x California Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale.

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American Haze x California Haze

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