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Autoflower Snack Mix Pack Cannabis Seeds For Sale.

3 Appetite-Inducing Autoflowering Strains For 1 Low Price.

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Autoflower Snack Mix Pack

The Autoflower Snack Mix Pack contains three popular Autoflowering Cannabis strains that will leave you happy, creative and euphoric, but with a serious attack of the 'munchies'.

Get ready to stimulate your taste-buds and set your stomach rumbling with these easy to grow feminized auto seeds, perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques, whatever your level of experience.

Choose from 5 or 10 seeds of each of the 3 strains. giving you 15 or 30 feminized Autoflowering seeds per packet in total, enjoy a variety of flavors and aromas that will excite and stimulate your senses.

By combining the growth and flowering phases of the plants life, Autoflowering seeds are ready to harvest between 8 - 10 weeks from sprouting, producing harvests far quicker than traditional Cannabis seeds.

The plants are smaller and yields are reduced, but with several crops possible per growing season, they are quickly becoming the choice strains of many outdoor growers.

Enjoy a variety of flavors and highs from these three high quality strains and discover for yourself just how easy growing your own Cannabis can be.

Cheese Auto - Great daytime strain with a 14% THC content perfect for medicinal use. Unique citrus flavor and pungent aroma.

Gelato Auto - Sweet, creamy tasting buds with a 20% THC content producing an uplifting, euphoric high.

Banana Kush Auto - Tropical fruity flavor disguises the extremely potent effects from its 27% THC content.


Purchase Autoflowering Snack Mixed Seeds Online.

Autoflower Snack seeds mix are available in packs of 15 and 30 seeds, all completely guaranteed to germinate, producing a pure female Cannabis plants with autoflowering characteristics.

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Delivery is free and guaranteed to all parts of the USA, with replacement seeds shipped as soon as possible for any missing items.

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Autoflower Snack Mix

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Autoflower Seeds Snack Mix

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