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Feminized Autoflowering seeds are probably the easiest type of Cannabis seeds to grow. Perfect for beginners, perfect for discreet, outdoor growing, perfect for a fast harvest.


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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Guaranteed Delivery


What Are Autoflowering Seeds Feminized?

White Widow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds USAMany plants are capable of self-reproduction, they either divide or produce seeds to create the next generation of plants. Cannabis plants however, do not self-reproduce, the plant is either a male or a female, and although it is possible for the plant to turn hermaphrodite, and self-pollinate, in general, the female plant needs to be fertilized by pollen produced by the male plant.

All of the Autoflowering seeds we recommend are feminized seeds. This means each of the seeds you purchase will only produce a female plant. It is the female plants that produce the  Cannabis buds, while the only function the male plant performs is to produce pollen, and fertilize the female.

Guaranteeing all the Cannabis seeds you buy will produce female-only plants, removes the need to sex your plants when flowering commences. A single male flowered with a crop of females can easily fertile the entire the entire crop. Once fertilized a female Cannabis plants prioritizes seed production, as it’s function to procreate has been completed.

A Cannabis plant can be fertilized very early into it’s flowering cycle, and once this has happened the plant will focus on producing seeds, the buds will stop growing and THC production will be reduced. Seeds will begin to form, swelling the bracts and the white flowers will brown and shrivel.


Amnesia Haze Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds USAThis is a major advantage to both the new Cannabis grower and the more experienced alike. No more guesswork, no more wasted space growing plants that turn out to be males.

If you are new to growing Cannabis understanding and identifying male Cannabis plants can cause mistakes, you may hesitate in making a decision, resulting in a seeded crop. It’s also just another one of the many things that may possibly go wrong, reducing your chances of a successful harvest of high quality Cannabis.

The more experienced Cannabis growers knows that every space has to be utilized to obtain the highest possible yield. Many experienced growers maximize their yields with super-cropping techniques, correct pruning and growing methods such as screen-of-green. Their time and efforts would be wasted unless they were 100% confident that the Cannabis seeds they were growing, were guaranteed to be female Cannabis plants.

Whether you are experienced at growing Cannabis, or just starting out, buying feminized autoflowering seeds maximizes your potential for a successful harvest of Cannabis buds.

Why Choose Autoflowering Seeds


The two main reasons why people choose Autoflowering seeds are;

  • Faster From Seed To Harvest Than Standard Cannabis Seeds

AK-47 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds USAAutoflowering seeds can be grown both indoors and outside during the longer Summer months. Unlike standard feminized Cannabis seeds, Autoflowering seeds are genetically programmed to grow, flower and mature regardless of the number of light hours they receive.

Conventional Cannabis plants require a light cycle of twelve hours of darkness and twelve hours of daylight to flower and mature at it’s full potential. While indoor growers find this very easy, simply setting their grow lights to a twelve on – twelve off cycle, outdoor growers struggle, until the daylight hours shorten significantly.

Autoflowering seeds do not require a shorter daylight period to flower, in fact the opposite is true, as they flower much better under at least sixteen hours of light. While this means an indoor grower will have to run their lights for a slightly longer period each day, an outdoor grower can now produce a harvest during the Summer months when conventional Cannabis plants would be unable to being flowering.

Feminized Autoflowering seeds grow and flower simultaneously. Once germinated and sprouted, producing their third set of true leaves, the plants biological clock will begin to count down to maturity. During the next 60 days, on average, the plant will grow in height, develop it’s branches and produce buds all at the same time.

Standard Cannabis plants require a vegetative period to grow before they are set to flower. Inducing flowering when they are only a few inches tall would result in a very small plant with a low yield. As Autoflowering seeds grow and flower at the same time, the time between germination and harvest is naturally reduced.

Planting Autoflowering seeds outdoors at the start of the Summer months can result in a high quality crop of potent Cannabis buds in as little as 60 days! Many experienced growers start their seedlings indoors to ensure they get the best start possible, transferring them outside as they become established.

Germinated late Spring and through Summer, feminized Autoflowering seeds can produce a regular supply of top quality Cannabis when flowering outdoors would be impossible due to standard Cannabis plants requiring many more hours of darkness before their genetics are activated to flower.


  • Easier To Grow Than Standard Cannabis Seeds

Blueberry Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds USAFeminized Autoflowering seeds are considerably easier to grow than standard seeds. Their shorter life-cycle automatically makes them less susceptible to disease, pests or infection. That does not mean they are immune, but the shorter growing and flowering time, reduces the risks of small problems becoming major issues over a longer period of time.

As Autoflowering seeds require as many light hours as possible through-out their entire life cycle, there is no need decide when the best time to flower the plants will be. Indoor growers can set the light cycle at the beginning of the grow, anywhere between 16 – 20 hours of light is recommended, and leave it until harvest.

Outdoor growers can watch as their Autoflowering plants begin to mature during the height of Summer, when their standard plants are in full vegetative growth, no longer moving them into darkness everyday to ensure an early harvest.

Guerilla growers can prepare an area in advance, returning with their plants once they have rooted and begun to grow. With Autoflowering Cannabis plants maturing in an average of 60 days, they can return in as little as two months to harvest. Reducing the time the crop takes to mature, naturally reduces the chances of it being discovered by someone else.

Reducing the overall growing time is a major benefit if you want to grow some weed fast. Some strains, such as the more Sativa dominant one’s, can take up to twelve weeks to fully flower, in addition to several weeks of vegetative growth.

Grown as feminized Autoflowering seeds, these longer flowering strains can be grown much faster, attaining complete maturity long before their standard feminized counter-parts, making them faster and easier to grow for both beginners and more experienced Cannabis growers alike.


Buying Feminized Autoflowering Seeds Online


Choosing to grow feminized Autoflowering seeds reduces many of the mistakes new growers often make when growing Cannabis for the first time. 

Buying feminized Autoflowering seeds through us reduces many of the problems all growers face when buying Cannabis seeds on-line.

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