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Planted outdoors, autoflowering seeds require just ten weeks from germination to achieve complete maturity. Both the growing and flowering phases combine which allows the plant to grow and flower at the same time, generating marijuana buds that have similar traits and characteristics as regular and feminized varieties. The plants potent buds, offer a wide selection of tastes, aromas and ‘high’s’, and even though the total yields per plant may be reduced, the plants capacity to grow and mature in a much shorter time, allows several crop to be grown during a single season. Traditional marijuana seeds have two distinct phases, growing and flowering. Because autoflowering plants combine these two stages, the plants develop a different set of characteristics. Generally the omission of vegetative development creates a plant that often creates a central cola, with a reduced number of lower side branches with small buds. Many of the techniques used to enhance the total yield from the plants aren’t recommended, but, they produce their best yields per area when grown close together, using the Sea-of-Green method.

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A lot of experienced growers start autoflowering seeds inside, allowing the seedlings time to become established before they are taken and planted outdoors. All our recommended marijuana seeds are fully guaranteed to germinate and grow, although this does require following a precise method. Cultivating marijuana seeds outdoors, directly into the ground isn’t recommended and will result in a lower success rate. Planted outdoors at the beginning of April onward, the plants will enjoy the brightest and longest daylight hours as the sun approaches the Spring equinox, and the plants producing the largest yields when they are exposed to the maximum number of daylight hours as they can.

Growing marijuana plants with a set life-span provides growers the opportunity for staggered planting and subsequent harvests. Where as both feminized and regular marijuana seeds and strain all ripen and mature mid-t-late Fall, with both types requiring a minimum of 12 hours of regular, uninterrupted hours of darkness every day to completely mature. The rewards of cultivating autoflowering seeds in Hawaii during the first half of the growing season, are plants ready to harvest within approximately eight weeks. Selecting and cultivating autoflowering seeds outside from April until July, produces a series of regular, high quality harvests can be grown from a small outdoor area.

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Buy autoflowering seeds in Hawaii online here and get free and guaranteed delivery with the latest stealth shipping and delivery practices. All our highly recommended seeds and strains are created by combining the very best genetics, and will easily produce some of the quickest growing plants and most potent buds. Buying autoflowering seeds in Hawaii is easy, safe and totally secure if you deal with a reputable company. Each of our recommended seeds and strains are dispatched from I Love Growing Marijuana, a highly reputable and respected company in the creation and supply of high quality marijuana seeds. With a selection of options, payment is quick, easy and totally secure, offering cash, credit card and Bitcoin payment facilities, all with guaranteed delivery and germination on every seed sold.

Blueberry Autoflower Seeds

Blueberry Autoflower

A fruity blend of Indica dominant genetics make these Blueberry Autoflowering seeds very special and the perfect outdoor Summer strain.

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Buy Lowryder Autoflower Seeds

Lowryder Autoflower

Lowryder seeds are one of the original Dwarf Autoflower strains whose genetics have since been incorporated into many of the Auto seeds available.

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Buy Super Skunk Autoflower Seeds

Super Skunk Autoflower

Super Skunk Auto seeds produce short plants with good yields of extremely pungent Skunk Cannabis, similar to the famous feminized Cannabis variety.

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Each one of our highly recommended autoflowering seeds for sale are completely feminized, guaranteeing a pure female plant. A select choice of highly stable, top quality marijuana strains are available providing a diversity of flavors, aroma’s and effects, all very easy to grow, perfect for both seasoned veteran growers or new growers alike. Grow your own autoflowering Amnesia Haze or Super Skunk, Lowryder or Blueberry marijuana plants, each fully guaranteed to germinate and produce the highest quality plants. Growing marijuana in Hawaii is fast and simple if you plant feminized autoflowering seeds. Potent harvests can easily be produced by growers of all levels of experience, and certainly true if a selection of growing tips and techniques are used and adopted. Good information is at hand, download our recommended and totally free Growing Marijuana Guide available without obligation, and learn how to improve the flavor, and total yield from your marijuana harvests.

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