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Bubba Gift Feminized Seeds

Bubba Gift Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

One of the fantastic new strains we now have available for sale from Crop King. Bubba Gift Feminized Marijuana seeds are an outstanding Indica dominant strain, producing some of the biggest and heaviest outdoor yields.

A gift from the gods, almost, these easy-to-grow pure female seeds generate strong plants with a multitude of budding sites. A fantastic choice for growing indoors, they produce small plants that reach approximately 90 cm tall when fully mature.

An ideal choice for Sea-of-Green growing methods, Bubba Gift Feminized Marijuana seeds quickly produce an even and dense canopy. A beautiful looking plant with large, dark green leaves that can turn a shade of purple in cooler conditions.

The buds are tight, compact and coated in resin, with a sweet, grape and berry flavor and spicy aroma. Enjoy some of the heaviest yields of sweet aromatic buds with these Bubba Gift Feminized Marijuana seeds.

A popular choice for commercial ‘cash-crop’ growers in warm, sunny climates, you can grow these Marijuana seeds indoors in Canada and produce your own heavy harvests of dense, dank buds.

Bubba Gift Strain Review.

Enjoy growing some of the best Marijuana buds with these Bubba Gift Feminized Marijuana seeds. Loved by growers for its easy-to-grow nature and heavy yields, it has a natural resilience to many common plant diseases, molds and bugs.

Indica dominant genetics produce squat, dense plants that respond well to trimming, super-cropping and bending techniques, all helping to produce an even canopy. Mature heights of approximately 90 cm make these seeds the perfect choice for growing indoors.

As with all Feminized Marijuana seeds, growth and flowering stages are separate. While the plants receive 12 hours of sunlight or more per day, they will grow and develop. Once the daylight hours decrease and they receive 12 hours of undisturbed darkness or more, they will begin to flower.

On average Bubba Gift Feminized Marijuana seeds require between 6 – 8 weeks to flower and mature. Harvests can be incredible, with up to 600 grams of dried, top-quality buds per square meter achievable given good conditions.

Cultivated in warm, sunny climates, these plants are well-known for their huge bushy appearance and incredible yields. THC levels of between 13% – 15% induce a relaxing sensation, perfect for daily use. Enjoy feelings of euphoria and relaxation with increased energy levels.

  • Indica dominant genetics.
  • Flowering time 6 – 8 weeks on average.
  • Yields of 600 grams indoor, up to 1000 grams outdoors.
  • THC content 13% – 15%.
  • Relaxing and euphoric high.
  • Can help to boost energy levels, reduce stress and depression.

Bubba Gift Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale.

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Bubba Gift

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Bubba Gift Feminized Seeds

Bubba Gift Feminized Seeds Now Available!

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