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Find The Latest Free Cannabis Seeds. We promote the oldest and most respected of Cannabis Seed Company’s, The Original Sensible Seed Company and recommend them for all of your Marijuana and Cannabis Seeds. Offering a complete selection of over 2,000 different Marijuana and Cannabis Seeds, all qualifying for FREE Cannabis Seeds with every order, they offer one of the most trusted and discreet services for all your Marijuana and Cannabis Seeds to the USA, Canada and all of Europe.

Gelato Cannabis Seed Sale

Free Cannabis Seeds

Gelato Marijuana Seeds Sale

Buy 10 Get 10 Free Gelato Cannabis Seeds.

It won’t be long until the Spring is here, the days are slowly lengthening and getting warmer. If your thoughts are turning to planting a crop of high-quality Cannabis seeds, we have a special offer just for you.

From today, 24th February until the 28th February, our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana are giving you the chance to grab an extra 10 high-quality Gelato Cannabis seeds free with every 10-seed packet purchased.

A great way to double your purchase, or half your costs. Simply purchase any Gelato 10-seed packet, and a second pack will be added to your purchase completely free of charge. Choose from either Feminized or Autoflowering seeds, both guaranteed to produce the finest, pure female plants.

With a variety of secure payment options and free, guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA, there has never been a better way to reduce the cost of your Cannabis seeds.

Free Gelato Cannabis Seeds

Gelato Cannabis seeds are a highly popular strain, loved by recreational and medicinal users alike. An easy to grow hybrid, it contains a mix of 55% Indica and 45% Sativa genes, making it a perfectly blended and stable strain. Great for both indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques, requiring only a little care and attention to produce a high quality harvest.

Both Geleto Feminized Cannabis seeds and the Autoflowering varieties produce similar, high-quality buds. A blend of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, the buds have a sweet, creamy flavor and pine aroma.

A potent and powerful strain, buds have an average THC content of 20%, inducing a fast-acting euphoric high, and uplifting body-buzz effect. Perfect for day-time use it can help reduce stress while invigorating the body with an energizing boost.

Both the Feminized and Autoflowering versions produce pure female plants. Each seed is guaranteed to germinate, producing a worthwhile harvest. Depending upon your growing technique and experience, choose which Gelato Cannabis seeds suit you best.

Gelato Seeds

Gelato Feminized

Marijuana Seeds

from $99.00

Gelato Feminized seeds

Feminized Gelato Seeds

Gelato Feminized Cannabis seeds have separate growing and flowering cycles. While the plants receive more than 12 hours of light they will grow and develop. Planted outdoors from the end of Spring, the plants will take advantage of the long hours of direct sunlight, quickly developing new leaves and branches. Indoor growers should set their lights to an 18/6 on-off cycle during the vegetative period.

As the daylight hours decrease towards the end of Summer, the plants will begin to receive 12 hours of undisturbed darkness. This will induce the plants to begin flowering, continuing for approximately 10 weeks, until the buds are completely mature.

Indoor growers have more control over the light-cycle and can reduce the hours as soon as the plants have formed an even canopy. On average, indoor cultivated plants mature slightly quicker than those grown outdoors, often producing the best quality harvests.

Yields are impressive, with indoor plants capable of producing around 16 oz of the highest quality dried buds per square meter. Outdoor plants can produce up to 18 oz each, given good conditions.

Buy Gelato Autoflower Seeds

Gelato Feminized

Autoflowering Seeds

from $109.00

Gelato Autoflower seeds

Autoflowering Gelato Seeds

Autoflowering seeds make growing Cannabis easy! Regardless of your level of experience, from beginner to veteran grower, anyone can cultivate their own high-quality crop. Producing almost identical buds to their traditional Feminized counter-parts, with similar tastes, aromas and effects.

The inclusion of the Ruderalis gene into the Gelato strain, gives the plants the ability to flower and mature regardless of the number of light they receive. Unlike traditional seeds with separate vegetative and flowering cycles, Auto Gelato seeds combine both phases, growing, budding and completely maturing over a period of 2 months from sprouting.

The plants are remain small and squat, growing to approximately 1 meter tall. Close, strong lateral branches give the plant a bushy shape, with plenty of future budding sites. Yields are smaller than traditional feminized plants, returning between 4 – 6 oz oz high-quality buds per square meter indoors, and similar per-plant harvests given good conditions outdoors.

Very easy to grow and requiring little care or attention, Autoflowering seeds are perfect for planting outdoors from the end of Spring. Surprise yourself at just how easy growing your own Cannabis can be with these Gelato Autoflowering seeds.

Buy 10 Get 10 Free Gelato Cannabis Seeds.

You can take advantage of this great Free Cannabis seeds offer during the next 4 days. Simply select a 10-seed packet of either the Gelato Feminized or Autoflowering seeds and pay using one of the secure, encrypted payment methods. A second, completely free 10-seed packet will automatically be added to your purchase prior to dispatch.

All purchases are sent directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, with free, guaranteed shipping to all parts of the USA. Enjoy the very best stealth delivery methods and packaging totally free of charge.

Receive all the help you may require from purchase through to harvest, with online support available to answer any questions or concerns.

There has never been a better time to buy Gelato Cannabis seeds, buy 10 get 10 free while the offer lasts.

Free Gelato Cannabis Seeds Offer

Free USA Cannabis Seeds

USA Cannabis Seeds

Free Cannabis Seeds USA

There has never been a better time to buy USA Cannabis seeds online and begin growing your own high quality Marijuana, with many States across the country now permitting its residents to grow their own plants for both recreational and medicinal purposes. If your laws allow it, why not take advantage of one of our special offers and enjoy growing your own weed for a fraction of the price you would pay in the local dispensaries.

Growing Cannabis can be relaxing and therapeutic, and that’s before you harvest! Whether you’re a natural gardener, or have never grown an plant before, growing Cannabis can be quick and simple, or more challenging and complex, depending upon your choice of strain, location and cultivation technique. For some people, growing Cannabis outdoors throughout the Summer season is just the beginning, leading to indoor growing set-up’s, hydroponics and even advanced aeroponic systems.

 Free USA Cannabis Seeds Offer

Whether you’re new to growing Cannabis in the USA, or a seasoned grower, there is nothing better than free Cannabis seeds to help get you started and maximize your purchase. Here at USA Cannabis Seeds we are always looking to bring our readers the best offers and free Cannabis seed deals, and right now for June 2020 we are giving away 10 Girl Scout Cookies seeds with every 10 pack purchased, including both feminized and autoflowering versions.

Girl Scout Cookies has become one of the most popular and sought after USA Cannabis seeds. Since its creation in California, combining OG Kush and Durban Poison genes, it’s complex flavor and extremely high THC levels have made it a modern day classic and foundation of many other new and exciting Cannabis strains.

Through our links with I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of high quality Marijuana and Cannabis seeds, we are doubling the number of Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis seeds you receive, with 10 free seeds for every 10 seed pack purchased. There has never been a better time to buy this extremely potent strain and start growing your own USA Cannabis seeds.

Free Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

You can enjoy 10 free feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds, 100% guaranteed to germinate and produce the strongest, healthiest plants right now with every 10 seed pack you purchase. That means 20 of the very best Cannabis seeds at half the price!!

Combining 80% Indica and 20% Sativa genes, these powerful Cannabis seeds produce some of the very best Cannabis available. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques, their easy-to-grow nature and large yields of approximately 600 grams per square meter, have made the strain a popular choice with growers across the USA.

Planted outdoors, Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis seeds will grow and develop until the daylight hours reduce to around 12 per day. With 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness per night, the plants will begin to flower, requiring a further 70 days, or 10 full weeks to completely ripen and mature ready to harvest.

Once dried and cured the buds acquire a complex flavor and aroma of chocolate, brown sugar, mint and nutmeg all combined to dance across your taste-buds. The Indica dominance produces a fast, powerful ‘high’ that’s very relaxing and great to help ease stress and tension at the end of the day. A natural pain-relieving agent and often prescribed to help with stress, depression and insomnia.

Buy these feminized Girl Scout Cookies USA Cannabis seeds in packs of 10 and receive 10 free Cannabis seeds during this special offer.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Feminized Seeds Offer

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Seeds

Looking for a faster, easier way to grow your own Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis? Why not try these special Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering seeds, perfect for new and outdoor growers, they require very little skill, effort or knowledge to produce your very own crop of high quality, potent Cannabis buds in a fraction of the time.

Completely feminized and guaranteed to produce a pure female Cannabis plant, these autoflowering Girl Scout Cookies seeds produce buds with the same taste, aroma and powerful, relaxing effects as the feminized variety, but instead of requiring 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness to induce flowering, and a further 10 full weeks to fully mature, these special Cannabis seeds will grow, flower and completely mature within 9 weeks from sprouting.

With very little skill or experience, anyone can now grow their own Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis for a fraction of its retail cost. If you’re new to growing Cannabis seeds in the USA, or looking to produce a fast, easy crop with very little care or attention required, these Autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice, with yields of between 5 – 7 oz of high quality dried buds per plant given good growing conditions, fully mature in just 9 weeks.

Enjoy the same complex flavors and aroma’s that have made this Cannabis strain so successful across California and much of the USA, becoming a firm, established favorite with both recreational and medicinal users alike. Powerful THC levels of 21% induce a calming, relaxing high that’s perfect for the end of the day.

Right now you can receive 10 free Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering seeds with every 10 seed pack you purchase. Take advantage of this limited offer before stocks run out!

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Seeds Promotion

Growing Cannabis Seeds In The USA.

If you would like to learn more about how to grow Cannabis in the USA, download the free and without obligation Marijuana Grow Guide. Written by Robert Bergman, owner and founder of I Love Growing Marijuana, it details all aspects of Marijuana and Cannabis cultivation, from correct germination methods, growing, flowering and  maximizing yields, flavors and potency levels.

Whether you’re new to growing Cannabis, or a seasoned ‘cash-cropper’ you will find this free and instant download both informative and educational, covering both indoor and outdoor growing methods as well as advanced cultivation techniques.

Learn more about growing USA Cannabis seeds and download your free, no obligation copy of the Marijuana Grow Guide today. 

Grow Cannabis Seeds In The USA

Summer Savings With Free Cannabis Seeds

Marijuana Seeds To The USA

Free Cannabis Seeds On Selected Orders

Learn How To Grow Feminized Autoflowering SeedsAs the Summer of 2019 draws to an end and Labor Day approaches, we have a selection of cannabis seeds and strains for sale promoted with a special Buy 10 get 10 Free offer saving you up to $100 on your next 10-seed pack purchase.

Shipping is free and completely guaranteed, and should, for any reason your purchase fail to arrive, a replacement will be re-shipped without further delay.

I Love Growing Marijuana are one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of high quality marijuana and cannabis seeds, with thousands of returning customers enjoying their dedicated customer care and support. To celebrate Labor Day 2019, and the end of the Summer season, they have introduced this incredible free cannabis seeds offer while stocks last.

All of the seeds included in this offer are completely feminized, with the assurance of 100% germination and the production of a pure female plant under the I Love Growing Marijuana germination guarantee. To learn more about the best way to germinate your seeds, download the Marijuana Growing Bible.

This completely free and without obligation download can be stored or printed and used as a great reference for many of the methods and techniques used in growing cannabis.Covering all aspects of cultivation from germination and sprouting, through to enhancing your harvests with super-cropping techniques and understanding the best time to harvest your plants for maximum potency and flavor.

Written by Robert Bergman, founder of I Love Growing Marijuana, it helps to explain many of the common mistakes made by new and inexperienced growers, putting together an easy to follow guide of how to grow the best quality cannabis possible.

Free Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Quick to mature and easy to grow, autoflowering seeds are becoming more and more popular each year. From the small harvests of the original Lowryder strains, autoflowering seeds have now become more stable and uniform, producing larger plants and bigger, better quality yields than ever.

We have included two different feminized autoflowering seeds in our 10 free cannabis seeds offer, both offering fast, vigorous growth and healthy harvests. Choose White Widow, the ‘Old School’ classic, very easy to grow and great for beginners. Or for those wishing to grow medicinal cannabis, the Jack Herer Auto has increased CBD levels and is well-know for it’s medical properties.

We also have our Mixed Seed packs containing three different autoflowering strains in each pack, with either 5 or 10 seeds of each strain in each packet. At only $129 and $189 respectively, both the Auto Flower Mix and Auto 2.0 Mix packets offer a variety of tastes, aroma’s and high’s to satisfy any smoker.

Buy Lowryder Autoflower Seeds

Jack Herer Autoflower Seeds

Buy White Widow Autoflower Seeds

Buy 10 Get 10 Feminized Cannabis Seeds Free

With a selection of high quality feminized seeds available, this special Buy 10 get 10 seeds Free offer provides something for everyone. While stocks last, there are six different strains to choose from including the unbelievably potent Banana Kush offering a staggering 27% THC level, enough for even the most seasoned smoker.

Banana kush Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Seeds USA

Black Widow Seeds

All our recommended seeds are shipped directly by I Love Growing Marijuana with guaranteed delivery and stealth postage and packing included in the price. Long established and trusted throughout the Cannabis and Marijuana community, you can take advantage of these special offers today and save yourself money on your next seeds purchase.

Free Cannabis Seeds Offer

Cannabis Seeds Sale 2015

USA Cannabis Seeds


Cannabis Seed Sale Now On

If you want the best Cannabis seeds at the cheapest possible prices, check out the latest offers from The Original Sensible Seeds Company.

All the very best Marijuana seeds at the lowest prices.

Right now you can buy genuine Cannabis seeds from many of the world’s best seed company’s at huge discounts, many up to 50% off the Recommended Retail Price.

Shop for the best bargains and find all your favorite seeds and strains right now while these prices last.

Cannabis Seeds Sale Now On

If you are considering growing Cannabis seeds for the first time, or replenishing your stocks and seedlings, this section of Cannabis seeds for sale should be of special interest to you.

Reduce your costs and outlay, while maintaining the high quality genetics with some of the finest Cannabis strains at the cheapest prices.

Cannabis Seeds Sale Cheapest Prices Ever

The Cannabis seeds sale has now started at The Original Sensible Seeds Company and you won’t find these Cannabis seeds cheaper anywhere else on the internet.

From hard hitting Kush strains and sticky, stinky Skunk, to more subtle Sativa’s and fast Autoflowering seeds.

The Cannabis Seeds Sale Starts Now

Whatever strain, and whichever seed you are after, check out these amazing sale prices first.

Pages of bargain priced Autoflowering and Feminized Cannabis seeds, all from the genuine breeders with guaranteed superior genetics.

Grab a bargain right now at The Original Sensible Seeds Company sale.

Cannabis Seed Sale Now On

Free Cannabis Seeds – Humboldt Seed Organization

Cannabis Seeds USA

Latest Offers

Free Humboldt Seed Organization Seeds

Humboldt County is situated right in the middle of the Northern California cannabis industry, so it comes as no surprise to learn that the Humboldt Seeds Organisation has achieved a reputation for outstanding, high quality cannabis seeds.

The Humboldt Seeds Organization has developed by incorporating some of the very best cannabis growers and breeders from the region, with specific focus on medical marijuana seeds. The Humboldt Seed Organization are not only known for their high quality cannabis seeds and strains, but also for their extensive investment in research and genetics, assisting in the development of new and even more inspiring Medical Marijuana Seeds for the future.

The entire business is based upon sustainable practices and all products are produced on an entirely organic basis, ensuring you receive the very best quality Cannabis seeds.

Buy any Humboldt Seeds Organization Cannabis Seeds through The Original Sensible Seeds Company, and you are guaranteed the very best quality and freshest seeds at the cheapest prices online.

Take advantage of this fantastic offer and receive a new strains of regular cannabis seeds for free when you order from the Humboldt range.

Buy any pack of 3 Humboldt Seeds – Get 2 Free Afghan x Master Kush seeds

Buy any pack of 5 Humboldt Seeds – Get 4 Free Afghan x Master Kush seeds

Buy any pack of 10 Humboldt Seeds – Get 8 Free Afghan x Master Kush seeds

Click Below For All The Humboldt Seeds Organization Cannabis Seeds

Free Cannabis Seeds - Latest Offers - Humboldt Seeds Trainwreck

Free Cannabis Seeds – Barney’s Farm Seeds


Cannabis Seeds USA

Latest Offers

Free Barney’s Farm Seeds


Barney’s Farm has a worldwide reputation for outstanding genetic development that has produced some of the top performing cannabis seeds of all time.

Barney’s Farm has produced many award winning cannabis seeds, such as Liberty Haze, Tangerine Dream, LSD, G13 Haze and Vanilla Kush, all hit the spot for cannabis lovers all around the world.

Their success comes from over 40 years of genetic development which helps them select the perfect qualities required for each each new seed and strain and then perfect the results for release to the growing community.

Their access to new and developing strains ensures that their product range is always increasing, continuing to offer new and exciting flavours of everyone’s favourite Cannabis strains.

Barneys Farm have more than 37 varieties of feminized cannabis seeds within their product range, as well as autoflowering varieties and a selection of regular marijuana seeds.

Choose from packs of 3 or 5 seeds for autoflowering marijuana or packs of 5 or 10 for feminised seeds and enjoy the Original Sensible Seeds price guarantee to ensure you always get the best value for money.

For those growers who require larger numbers of seeds, you can buy Barney’s Farms cannabis seeds in bulk and save even more money on your selected Barney’s Farm Cannabis Seeds.

Take Advantage Of Free Cannabis Seeds From Barney’s Farm

Click Below To Access All The Barney’s Farm Seeds Collection

Cannabis Seeds USA - Barneys Farm Seeds Offer

View the latest Cannabis Seeds Deals here

Free Cannabis Seeds – Ace Seeds

Cannabis Seeds USA

Latest Offers

Free Ace Seeds

Our latest recommended free Cannabis seeds offer is from Ace Seeds, a collection of individual cannabis seed breeders who are all dedicated to the preservation of natural, Land-race Cannabis seeds and strains.

Land-race Cannabis strains that have grown and developed naturally over thousands of years are slowly being eradicated. Prohibition, the clearing of wild habitat and genetic manipulation in search of more potent indoor strains has led to many different varieties disappearing before we have chance to collect and study their medical properties.

The breeders at Ace Seeds specialize in isolating these rare Land-race Cannabis strains and preserving them for future study. Released to the public after intensive screening and breeding programs, Ace Seeds provide high quality Regular and feminized Cannabis seeds that preserve their Land-race genetics.

You can buy Ace Seeds in both Regular and Feminized form. Select between complete packs of 3 or 5 Cannabis seeds, with some strains available as Single Cannabis seeds. All purchases receive the standard free cannabis seeds sent with all orders, dependant on order size, while orders of Ace Seeds also enjoy extra free Cannabis seeds.

Take advantage of the free Cannabis seeds on offer from Ace Seeds

Click Below To Access All Ace Seeds

Free Cannabis Seeds - Ace Seeds Offer

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Free Cannabis Seeds From Seedsman

Cannabis Seeds USA

Free Cannabis Seeds – Latest Offers

Seedsman June Offers For Extra Free Cannabis Seeds

Special Free Cannabis Seeds Offers From Seedsman

Seedsman is one of the most reputable Cannabis seed distributors on-line, offering only genuine Cannabis seeds from the most reputable and respected seed companies.

With free shipping on all European orders, and free Cannabis seeds with orders over £20, we recommend checking out the Seedsman special offers when you are looking for extra free Cannabis seeds with your purchases.

Seedsman Special June Free Cannabis Seeds Offers

Free Cannabis Seeds Offers - La Plata Labs Seeds

LaPLATA Labs Seeds are an American Cannabis seeds company based in the South-West of Colorado. Offering some of the finest superlative genetics with a selection of Regular Cannabis seeds.

They are currently offering 5 Big Skunk seeds as extra free Cannabis seeds with all orders from their selection of regular Cannabis seeds. You can take advantage of this very special offer for 5 extra free Cannabis seeds by visiting Seedsman today.

Free Cannabis Seeds From TH Seeds Order any TH Seeds from Seedsman and receive extra free Cannabis seeds with every purchase. TH Seeds brought American Cannabis genetics to Amsterdam during the 1980’s and since then have developed a reputation for high quality American Cannabis genetics.

Ordering TH Seeds from Seedsman entitles you to 2 extra free Cannabis seeds, currently MK Ultra feminized. With free shipping throughout Europe, there has never been a better opportunity to discover TH Seeds, receiving 2 of their best seeds as extra free Cannabis seeds.

Free Cannabis Seeds - Female Seeds Female Seeds are a relatively new Cannabis seed company, however, they had been breeding and producing Regular Cannabis seeds for over 15 years before switching to create the highest quality female only plants.

Ordering any Cannabis seeds from Female seeds through Seedsman will guarantee you extra free Cannabis seeds with your order. Choose your free Cannabis seeds from Blue Cheese, Red Purps or the Autoflowering Speed Bud when you buy Female Cannabis seeds from Seedsman.

Free Cannabis Seeds From Loud Seeds Loud Seeds scream high class Cannabis genetics. Offering a combination of Regular and feminized strains, many based on American Californian genetics. High quality seeds producing vibrant, heavy yielding plants.

Buy any Cannabis seeds from either the Regular or Feminized Loud Seeds collection and qualify for an extra 2 free Cannabis seeds on your purchase. Currently offering 2 Sour regular seeds as the free Cannabis seeds give-away, take advantage of this offer while stocks last at Seedsman.

Receive Extra Free Cannabis Seeds On All Orders At Seedsman While Stocks Last

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