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Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds


Durban Poison Marijuana Seeds

100% Sativa

THC Level – 16%

Medical CBD – Low

Height – 80-230 cm

Yield – Average Indoor 375 per square meter, much higher individual plant harvests outdoor

Harvest – Late September

Best For: Outdoor

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A creative, energizing smoke that leaves you feeling uplifted and euphoric, providing a stimulating mental boost. A clear, pure Sativa high with a good THC content and Low CBD levels, perfect for daytime and for socializing with friends. See all our Cannabis seeds for sale.

Durban Poison Flavor and Aroma:

Durban Poison Flavor

Durban Poison is best suited to a natural, outdoor environment where the gradual daily light reduction slowly increases and accelerates the flowering process. The buds are very large, covered in over-sized resin glands with an almost purple coloring, sweet earthy aroma and fruity flavor..

Durban Poison Effects:

Durban Poison Medical Effects

Once dried and cured, Durban Poison has a complex grapefruit flavor with hints of pine and an earthy after-taste. THC levels up to 16% and low a CBD content lead to an uplifting, sociable high, that’s clear and very cerebral. Very good for daytime use with a positive and energizing high..

Durban Poison Medical Uses:

Durban Poison Medical Uses.

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Durban Poison Cannabis Review

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