Free Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds USA

Free Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds USA

Started in 2005, Lowryder Seeds focus entirely on autoflowering cannabis seeds, brought to you by their very own strain breeder, the Joint Doctor.

And they are so focused on ensuring the popularity of this type of cannabis seed that they try to ensure every user understands the benefit of choosing an autoflowering strain.

Unlike standard marijuana seeds that flower according to their photoperiod, autoflowering cannabis seeds flower when they are at the right age. This means no intervention to reduce the amount of sun your plants get to encourage them to flower, they just start when the time is right.

And because the plant flowers automatically, the chances are it could start a lot quicker than its standard counterpart too.

These seeds can be both feminised or standard varieties, depending on your choice, and can be grown inside or out, though they do prefer controlled indoor environments for the best results.

Buy cannabis seeds from the Lowryder seed plant and you could be growing beauties such as the fabulous Easy Rider, an F1 hybrid cross between the outstanding Lowryder #2 and an Automatic AK47, which has yield as well as flavour and punch like nothing else, all contained within a small but powerful package.

Free Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds USA Worldwide Shipping.

Free Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Usa Worldwide Shipping.

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