Free Cannabis Seeds May 4th Super Strains

May 4th Super Cannabis Seeds Sale.

May 4th Super Cannabis Seeds Offer

Created in a galaxy not so far away are a selection of of powerful and potent Cannabis strains just waiting to be unleashed. May the Fourth be with you as we release these Super Cannabis seeds in our May 4th seed sale.

If you’ve been waiting for I Love Marijuana to discount some of their most popular, powerful and potent strains, the opportunity has come. This week will see the release of a double sale. Enjoy huge savings on a selection of their best strains, with more added later in the week.

With May 4th being the unofficial Star Wars day, SkyWalker OG Feminized Marijuana seeds are included in this offer. A rare opportunity to get some of the most powerful and potent seeds, completely free of charge. Double your stocks with this buy-10-get-10-free offer. Time limited, this strain is rarely discounted.

Enjoy some of the finest seeds and best-quality strains at the lowest prices. Taking advantage of these offers can save you a lot of money. For every 10-seed packet you purchase, a second, identical packet will automatically be added prior to delivery. With no limit of the number of packets you buy, enjoy free seeds and strains from these time-limited offers.

Thursday will see more strains added to this special Super Seeds Sale. Strains including Wedding Cake, Sour Diesel and Blue Dream will be also be available. With no additional costs for postage or packaging, enjoy free, guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA.

Free Cannabis Seeds May 4th Super Sale.

With many, many strains included in this May 4th Super Seeds Sale, you’re sure to find a personal favorite, or one you’ve been longing to try. Choose between some of the strongest, most powerful Indica dominant hybrids. Generating a deeply relaxing, pain-reducing ‘body-buzz’. Or a soaring Sativa, with dreamy, creative cerebral effects and happy, euphoric sensations.

Learn more about some of the many Cannabis strains included in this buy-10-get-10-free, Super Seeds Sale.

Skywalker OG Seeds

Skywalker Feminized

Marijuana Seeds

from $99.00

Skywalker OG Feminized seeds

SkyWalker OG – Feminized.

An 80% Indica dominant hybrid, SkyWalker OG is a powerful and potent Cannabis strain with THC levels up to 26%. Well known for its heavy harvests and large, dense buds, it quickly induces a relaxing ‘body-buzz’ reducing pain, stress and tension.

Easy to grow and available only in Feminized form, it can adapt to a wide number of growing techniques, both indoors and outside. A generous strain, loved by commercial growers across the USA, it can generate between 14 – 17 oz of the highest quality buds per square meter when grown indoors under good conditions. Outdoor plants can produce up to 28 oz per-plant, cultivated over an entire season.

The combination of SkyWalker and an Original OG Kush strain has produced a much-loved strain. Its complex flavor has a sweet, spicy element, with citrus undertones and a lingering aroma. A great choice for the end of the day, assisting rest and peaceful sleep.

Master Kush Seeds

Master Kush Feminized

Marijuana Seeds

from $79.00

Master Kush Feminized seeds

Master Kush – Feminized.

Master Kush is one of our highly popular, but rarely discounted Feminized Cannabis strains. A 95% Indica dominant hybrid, its 18% THC content produces a balanced, full-body high. A combination of Hindu Kush and Skunk #1, it has been highly awarded around the world, winning various Cannabis Cup’s, awards and Expo’s.

Compact and straight-forward to grow, every seed is guaranteed to germinate, producing a top-quality female Cannabis plant. Flowering times average between 7 – 9 weeks, producing dense, hard buds with typical harvests of between 14 – 17 oz per square meter, given good conditions.

Unlike many powerful Indica strains, Master Kush produces an energizing, ‘body-buzz’ effect. Perfect for helping to combat stress as well as fatigue, it’s often recommended for daytime use, as well as an aid to restful sleep. A highly respected Cannabis strain within the medical community.

Buy Wedding Cake Autoflower Seeds

Wedding Cake Feminized

Autoflowering Seeds

from $109.00

Wedding Cake Autoflower seeds

Wedding Cake – Feminized and Autoflowering.

Wedding Cake is one of several strains available in both Feminized and Autoflowering format and included in this May 4th Super Seeds Sale. A 70% Indica dominant hybrid, it’s easy to grow and a perfect choice for all levels of experience. Both the Feminized and Autoflowering versions are guaranteed to produce pure-female plants.

Created from Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, enjoy THC levels of up to 17% from these sweet-vanilla flavored buds. Highly adaptable to many growing methods, they can be successfully cultivated indoors, or outside over the growing season. Try the Autoflowering variety for the fastest harvests.

A highly popular and strain, enjoyed by smokers for its delicious flavor and potent, powerfully relaxing effects. Respected by growers, rewarded with bountiful harvests of dank, dense buds. A great strain for daytime and early evening use. It can leave you feeling alert and creative, while reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue.

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Through our links with I Love Growing, we offer a wide and diverse collection of high-quality Cannabis seeds for sale. Based in California, they have become one of the world’s leading seed producers and distributors.

You can buy Cannabis seeds online using a variety of secure, encrypted methods. Choose from Cash, Credit or Debit Card, Bank Transfer or Bitcoin to pay for your purchase.

Receive your free Cannabis seeds with all 10-seed packet qualifying purchases.

Enjoy all the help and support you need, with a first-class customer services and advise on all aspects of how to grow your own Cannabis and Marijuana seeds.

Find all the best strains and lowest prices in the May 4th Super Cannabis Seeds Sale.

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