Free Cannabis Seeds Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day Cannabis Seeds Sale.

Celebrate this year’s Memorial Day with a special Cannabis seed sale from I Love Growing Marijuana. From today until the start of June, buy any 10-seed packet from their selected collection and receive a second, identical packet completely free! With many great strains included in this offer, your sure to find an old favorite, or maybe discover a new one.

I Love Growing Marijuana are one of the world’s most trusted producers and suppliers of high quality Cannabis seeds for sale. Originally based in Amsterdam, Holland. They have moved their warehouse and offices to Modesto, California. This has decreased delivery times, allowing all their USA customers to enjoy faster, guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA.

With the Summer just about to start there’s never been a better time to start growing your own high-quality Cannabis plants and buds. You may think that growing Cannabis is difficult, and with some strains and varieties it can be. However, with a wide selection of Feminized and Autoflowering seeds included within this Memorial Day Seed Sale, there’s a strain for all levels of experience, from beginner to ‘cash-cropper’.

Choose Your Free Cannabis Seeds.

Unlike many free Cannabis seed offers, I Love Growing Marijuana aren’t giving away second-rate, unwanted seeds. Buy any 10-seed packet from the selected strains and receive a second, identical packet included in your purchase. Choose as many 10-seed packs as you wish. The more you purchase, the more free Cannabis seeds you’ll receive.

Find out more about the strains included in the Memorial Day Seed Sale.

Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison Feminized

Marijuana Seeds

from $99.00

Durban Poison Feminized seeds

Durban Poison – Feminized.

Durban Poison is a well-loved pure Sativa Land-race strain that originated around the port of Durban in South Africa. Now available in feminized form, the seeds are easy to grow and perfect for outdoor cultivation techniques.

A fast-maturing strain for a pure Sativa, requiring approximately 8 weeks in flower to fully mature. The buds are dense, coated in resin, with a complex aroma and flavor, combining elements of skunky cheese, sweet citrus fruits and earthy undertones. Enjoy impressive yields of up to 21 oz of high-quality dried buds per plant, given optimum conditions.

A powerful Cannabis strain, containing up to 20% THC content. The effects are uplifting and euphoric, leaving you happy, focused and creative. Highly sought after and popular, one of the few pure Sativa varieties.

L.A. Confidential Seeds

LA Confidential Feminized

Marijuana Seeds

from $109.00

LA Confidential Feminized seeds

LA Confidential – Feminized.

A popular West Coast Cannabis strain with an 80/20 mix of Indica and Sativa genetics. Expect stable, uniform results from these high-quality Feminized Cannabis seeds. LA Confidential can be successfully cultivated indoors, with an average 7 – 9 week flowering period. Or outdoors with harvests around the beginning of October.

A potent and powerful Cannabis hybrid, the buds have a rich earthy aroma and sweet, creamy flavor. Impressive THC levels can reach up to 25%, inducing a relaxed and happy sensation, perfect for the end of the day. Although the strain has a low CBD content, it is often prescribed to help with a number of medical ailments and conditions.

An easy to grow Cannabis hybrid that thrives under good conditions both indoors and outside. Enjoy a relaxed, sedative high with a smooth, creamy flavor and beneficial medicinal effects.

Buy Banana Kush Autoflower Seeds

Banana Kush Feminized

Autoflowering Seeds

from $109.00

Banana Kush Autoflower seeds

Banana Kush – Feminized and Autoflowering.

When it comes to potent, top-performing Cannabis seeds they don’t get much better than Banana Kush. Available in Feminized and Autoflowering format, both are included in this Memorial Day Seed Sale. Fast and easy to grow, enjoy guaranteed female plants, capable of producing dense buds with a fruity banana flavor and sweet aroma.

A powerful, balanced hybrid containing a blend of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genes. The addition of Ruderalis genetics into the Autoflowering version hasn’t changed the plants potent effects or mouth-watering flavor. Just made growing your own Banana Kush buds faster and easier to cultivate.

THC levels of between 24% – 27% induce an uplifting euphoria. Focused and creative, it’s perfect for both daytime and evening use. Often used to combat fatigue and focus creative thought.

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You can find all of the strains included in this Memorial Day Seed Sale at I Love Growing Marijuana. All seeds are of the highest quality and guaranteed to germinate.

Choose from a selection of secure payment options, with your Free Cannabis Seeds added to your purchase prior to dispatch.

Buy as many 10-seed packets as you wish and receive an identical second packet completely free, with all qualifying strains.

Enjoy fast, guaranteed delivery and all the help you require to produce your own successful harvest with these high quality Cannabis seeds for sale.

Receive twice as many seeds when you buy during the Memorial Day Seed Sale.

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