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Heavy Hitters Mixpack Cannabis Seeds For Sale.

Heavy Hitters Mixpack Review.
Heavy Hitters Mixpack Cannabis Seeds

Strain: Blue Dream Gorilla Glue MK Ultra

Plant Type: Feminized

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  • Heavy Hitters Mixed Feminized Seeds

Heavy Hitters Mixpack

The Heavy Hitters mixpack contains three potent and powerful strains, capable of producing soaring high's and 'couch-locking' sensations. Individually selected to ensure maximum quality, enjoy enhanced THC levels and a variety of tastes and aroma's, while receiving huge discounts compared to buying the strains individually.

All of the seeds supplied are completely feminized, guaranteeing a strong, vibrant female plant from each seed purchased. The highest quality yields are often produced when grown indoors, where the environment can be more closely monitored. However, growers in southern states can cultivate these strains outdoors, often resulting in very large yields of good quality buds.

Gorilla Glue - A strong, sticky strain with a relaxing, sedate high.

Blue Dream - An intense fruity flavor and perfectly balanced Sativa/Indica high.

MK Ultra - Enjoy the mind-bending properties of the MK Ultra, a favorite of many smokers.

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Heavy Hitters Mix Pack

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Heavy Hitters Mixpack

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