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Pure Indica Cannabis Seeds

100% Indica

THC Level  14%

Medical CBD – Medium

Height – 80 cm

Yield – 160 Grams per square meter

56 Day Flowering Cycle

Best For: Indoor, Outdoor, Medical

Pure Indica has a fruity aroma and earthy flavor that delivers a strong body-stone, relaxing euphoric feeling, and a long-lasting calmness. A good night-time strain that will release much of the daily tension that can build-up, allowing for a peaceful nights sleep.

Pure Indica Flavor and Aroma:

Pure Indica Flavor

The dried buds have a light green, orange appearance, are hard, dense and very sticky, with an earthy-fruity aroma and flavor.

Pure Indica Effects:

Pure Indica Effects

THC levels are approximately 14% with a medium CBD count, producing an intense body-stone and relaxed, happy feeling. See all our Cannabis seeds for sale.

Pure Indica Medical Uses:

Pure Indica Medical Uses

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