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Perfect for all levels of experience, Super Skunk Regular seeds offer extreme flavor and aroma.

Super Skunk Regular Seeds Review
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Super Skunk Regular

Super Skunk Regular Cannabis seeds combine the genetics of the world-famous Skunk#1 with a superior, highly resinous Afghan, producing an easy to grow, robust plant that’s fast to mature, while maintaining the very best traits and characteristics from both parents.

Combining a hybrid mix of 25% Sativa and 75% Indica genes, Super Skunk Regular seeds are predominantly an Indica variety with thick, robust flowers, dense buds and an extremely pungent aroma. A good strain for the outdoor grower, and a heavy yielding indoor plant that requires very little skill or experience to produce it’s best harvests.

Regular Cannabis seeds will produce a male or female plant, with a seeded plant producing an average of 50% male and 50% female seeds. Female plants grown from Regular seeds make better clone mothers than modified seeds, and you can only collect pollen for fertilization from male plants. If you are looking to grow purely female plants, check out our Super Skunk Feminized seeds.

Grown from seed, Super Skunk plants can reach up to 150 cm tall by complete maturity, producing a compact plant with strong, close lateral branches and multiple budding sites. Once flowering has been induced, or for outdoors growers, the natural reduction in daylight hours has declined sufficiently for the plant to change from  its vegetative to flowering stage, flowering is quick to begin and develops rapidly.

The buds are large and dense, with a light green color with brown/dark orange hairs. With its strong Afghan heritage, resin production is extraordinary, with large swollen glands covering everywhere from the twisted calyxes to the protruding ‘sweet-leaf’. A heavy-yielding, almost ‘cash-crop’ strain, Super Skunk Regular seed females are capable of generating approximately 450 grams of the finest dried buds per square meter.

Despite their strong, pungent aroma, the thick, rich smoke is surprisingly sweet, with an almost citrus flavor. Medium CBD levels, together with a THC content between 17% – 19% produces a strong ‘body-buzz’ that can feel like a ‘heavy’ Indica. A good source of natural pain relief and perfect for relaxing in the evening, although it can cause ‘couch-lock’ in light-smokers.

Through our links we offer the finest Super Skunk Regular seeds for sale, buy packs of 5 or 10 seeds, all hand selected and packaged to ensure you receive only the finest seeds. Enjoy the total reassurance of guaranteed germination and all the information you require to grow your own Super Skunk, with the free Growing Marijuana Guide from Robert Bergman.

All of these Regular Super Skunk seeds are shipped direct from Amsterdam, Holland. Postage and the very best stealth packaging is included in the price, and no matter where in the USA, Canada or Europe you live, delivery is 100% guaranteed.

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