The 2017 Outdoor Growing Guide

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Growing Marijuana Outdoor Guide 2017

Growing Marijuana Outdoors In 2017

The days are becoming longer, the sun slightly warmer, it will soon be time to start planting this year’s crop of outdoor Marijuana seeds. Due to changes in the laws regarding Marijuana in many States, more and more people are considering growing their own recreational and medical marijuana outdoors this year.

Even though the official start of the growing season doesn’t begin until the middle of May, there are plenty of things to do during both March and April, in preparation for the days ahead. To help you better understand what you should be doing, and when, we have compiled this easy to follow guide covering the complete growing season, from March through to October. Discover a wealth of choice with our Cannabis seeds for sale.

Each month contains specific information for both Northern and Southern States, to account for the variations in climate and daylight hours,. Click through any of the months below to learn more.