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White Widow is an easy to grow, strong form of Cannabis with medicinal properties.

White Widow Regular Seeds Review.
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White Widow Regular

White Widow Cannabis is one of the most popular and highest awarded strains created. An easy to strain to grow, both indoors and outside, producing strong, vibrant plants with numerous buds and a good overall yield.

Created from a Brazilian Sativa and a South Indian Indica, White Widow Regular seeds were one of the first, original hybrid Marijuana strains, containing equal amounts of both Sativa and Indica genetics.

Marijuana and Cannabis plants are deciduous, the seeds develop into a male or female plant. While the female plants produce flowers and buds, the male plant produces pollen to fertilize the females, creating the following generation of seeds. Regular Cannabis seeds will germinate and become either a female, perfect for cloning or fertilizing yourself to create your own seeds, or it may be male, which are required for their pollen, if you wish to fertilize a female plant.

Until flowering begins it is almost impossible to tell which plants are male and which are female, if you are growing indoors and do not want to grow male plants, we also offer feminized White Widow seeds with 100% germination guarantee.

All of the Regular White Widow seeds are guaranteed to germinate, growing into strong, compact plants with an average height of approximately 120 cm when fully grown and mature. Close lateral branches and a uniform crop, makes White Widow a great choice for the indoor grower, especially those looking for a quick harvest using the’Sea-of-Green’ growing technique.

Flowering indoors requires an average of 56 days, with the buds becoming large and dense, with a thick coating of resin. Yields are good, with harvests of 500 grams of the finest, highest quality dried buds per square meter easily achievable given good growing conditions.

These Regular White Widow seeds offer the very best genetics for breeding and cloning. Available for sale in packs of 5 or 10 seeds, all guaranteed to germinate and produce either a male or female White Widow Cannabis plant.

Delivery is included in the price, and by using the very best ‘super-stealth’ shipping methods, guaranteed to arrive. A first-class customer support is always on-hand for any questions or concerns, as well as access to the free Growing Marijuana Guide written by Robert Bergman, full of methods, systems and techniques designed to help you maximize the quality and quantity of your harvests.

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White Widow Regular Seeds

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