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 It’s distinctive banana aroma and flavor cunningly disguises it’s potent effects and relaxing, euphoric sensations.

Banana Kush Cannabis Seeds Review
Banana kush Seeds

Strain: Banana Kush

Plant Type: Feminized

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Originally a West Coast strain from California, Banana Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain created from Skunk Haze and Ghost OG. Highly popular in many dispensaries, it’s distinctive banana aroma and flavor cunningly disguises it’s potent effects and relaxing, euphoric sensations.

Banana Kush is a perfect choice for indoor marijuana growers, especially those using hydroponic set-up’s and systems. Fully feminized seeds guarantee pure, female-only plants that thrive indoors, responding well to many traditional super-cropping, pruning and training techniques.

The Indica dominant genetics generate a plant of average height and spread, with a close branching structure capable of supporting the hard, dense buds. Yields are good, with experienced growers producing approximately 500 grams of dried and cured buds per square meter.

Flowering times are average for a Skunk-Haze-Kush hybrid, requiring between 56-63 days of flowering to ripen and mature to it’s maximum potential. While the plants prefer to be grown indoors, they can be planted outdoors in warm climates, or inside a greenhouse where complete maturity is usually achieved during the first weeks of October.

Banana Kush is an exceptionally potent marijuana strain with THC levels of up to 27%, providing a Sativa euphoria from it’s Skunk-Haze origins. A perfect blend generating a creative and sociable high, together with relaxing and euphoric sensations. Although low in CBD, it has several medicinal uses including; relieving pain and nausea, as well as assisting with sleep, decreasing tension and reducing stress.

With the very best quality controls in-place, you’re assured of the finest, female-only Banana Kush seeds, totally feminized and guaranteed to germinate. Choose from a selection of pack sizes, with secure payment options and guaranteed delivery.

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Banana Kush Seeds

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Banana Kush Seeds

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