Medical Marijuana Seeds Grow Set

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Medical Marijuana Seeds Grow Set

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All You Need To Grow Medical Marijuana From Seed.

The Complete Medical Cannabis Seeds Grow Set

This complete Medical Marijuana  Seeds Grow Set contains twenty of the highest quality medicinal seeds, together with all the nutrients and plant protection your crop will require to achieve complete maturity.

Grown indoors or outside, these feminized Marijuana seeds are capable of producing  approximately 550 grams of the highest quality, dried buds per square meter, regardless of experience.

Simply add pots and growing medium, follow the growing guide and enjoy growing your own Medical Marijuana.

Easy to grow, the set comes complete with feeding schedules and and all the information you may require to grow your own Medical Marijuana, regardless of your level of skill or experience.

Individually packaged nutrients for each stage of the plants development, ensure your crop is receiving all the necessary elements needed for strong and healthy growth, just as it needs it.

While the advanced Plant Protection formulas prevent many of the common bug, mold and disease problems that can occur with Marijuana plants.

The Medical Marijuana Seeds Grow Set contains twenty high quality seeds, each guaranteed to germinate, creating a perfect female Marijuana plant, and more than enough nutrient for their complete life cycle, regardless of whether you plant all, or just some of the seeds at once.

Medical Grow Set Contains:


Harlequin Feminized Seeds

With a balanced 7% CBD and THC content, Harlequin feminized Cannabis seeds are a perfect choice for growers looking for buds with both medical and recreational benefits. Providing a cerebral, slightly euphoric high, it’s often recommended for daytime use.

Containing 80% Sativa and 20% Indica genetics, Harlequin plants are easy to grow, with a natural immunity and defense against many common ailments and cannabis growing problems. Expect good quality yields of high quality buds.

The Medical Marijuana Complete set contains 20 feminized Harlequin seeds, guaranteed to germinate and create outstanding harvests in as little as 60 days from the start of flowering.

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Flower Power Complete Starter Package

Once your seeds have germinated and begin to grow they will require a complex range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to achieve the best growth and flowering results possible.

The Flower Power Starter Set  contains four different feeds, one for each stage of the plants development. Used as a complete package your plants will be strong and vibrant, generating the best harvests possible.

Separate Start, Grow, Bloom and Boost packages reduce much of the guess-work, simply follow the feeding schedule provided, mix part of the required powder with water and feed to your plants. Enough for 20 very large plants and a bumper crop.

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Marijuana Plant Protectors

It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or a novice, indoor or outdoor grower, anyone can all suffer from Marijuana bugs, molds and root diseases, all of which can have devastating consequences to your plants.

This specially formulated set of three Plant Protectors help to prevent many of the common problems faced by all growers around the world by delivering much needed protection when they need it most.

Contains easy to follow instructions on when, where, how and the quantity to apply, and used in conjunction with the Flower Power nutrients, forms a protective barrier to ensure maximum growth, flowering and yield.

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The Medical Marijuana Seeds Complete Set can be purchased online from  I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading Cannabis and Marijuana seed producers and distributors.

Postage and ‘super-stealth’ packaging are included in the price, and all deliveries are assured under the I Love Growing Marijuana delivery guarantee. See all our Cannabis seeds for sale.

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Medical Grow Set

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Medical seeds Grow Set

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Medical Marijuana Seeds Set Review.

Medical Marijuana Seeds Grow Set
  • Medical Marijuana Seeds Grow Set

Medical Seeds Grow Set

20 Feminized Harlequin seeds, Flower Power Nutrients and 3 different types of Plant Protectors.

This Medical Marijuana Seeds Grow Set includes 20 feminized harlequin seeds as well as the nutrients and plant protection needed from seed to harvest. Massive Yields of great tasting buds for this great price.

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