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Stop Spider Mite, Mold and Root Diseases

Whether you are new to growing Marijuana, or an experienced veteran, growing indoors, or outside, all growers face the same common problems from time to time. Bugs such as Spider Mites can arrive from nowhere, the roots can begin to rot, and mold can appear overnight. These problems can devastate your crop, ruin the buds and plants, and possibly even make you ill. Once you realize your plants have a problem it can often be too late to stop at least some damage and reduction to your final yield and quality, and so we recommend preventing these problems, rather than relying on a cure.

The Marijuana Plant Protector set has been specifically developed to prevent, and where possible, cure many of the common pests and diseases that attack Marijuana and Cannabis plants. Missing the early ‘tell-tale’ signs of an infestation or disease will allow it to escalate, and without the correct action, can destroy your crop very quickly. The three formulas that make-up the Marijuana Plant Protector set are designed to work together, helping to form a protective barrier around your plants, its buds and rooting system.

Sold as a complete set of three individual compounds, containing enough formula to protect twenty large plants through their complete life cycle, with each protector applied at different times of the plants life. You can buy all three Marijuana Plant Protectors as a complete set, or receive them as part of the Complete Grow Sets.

Kill Spider Mite – Bug Blaster

Stop Spider Mite With Bug BlasterThe special formula contained within the Bug Blaster contains Pyrethrum and Cinnamite and unlike more commercially well-known Spider Mite solutions, will not harm your leaves, flowers or buds. Designed to kill all unwanted bugs, including Spider Mites, Thrips, Aphids and White Fly, the Bug Blaster can be easily applied using any conventional plant spray bottle.

The Bug Blaster formula will prevent all of the common Marijuana bugs from attacking your plants, and can be used both indoor and outside. Although best used as prevention, as it contains an added foliage feed to strengthen the plants immune system, Bug Blaster can also kill infestations that have occurred, even if it has not been previously applied.

Bug Blaster is quick and easy to use, with enough formula in each bottle for several applications. Simply dissolve a cap full from the Bug Blaster bottle into a l Lt plant sprayer and fill with water. Set the nozzle to a fine mist and spray the plant from top to bottom, paying particular attention to the underside of the leaves, where they lay their eggs and predominately stay.

If your plants are already suffering from a Spider Mite or other bug infestation, repeat the process after five days to kill the newly hatched bugs before they mature and begin to lay eggs themselves. For healthy, uninfected plants, repeat the process every ten days – two weeks to protect your plants and prevent these problems from occurring. Plants should be sprayed at the end of the light cycle for maximum effect.

Stop Bud Rot – Mold Control

Stop Bud Rot With Mold ControlMold control is a specially formulated solution designed to combat Marijuana leaf and bud diseases including; Botrytis, Powdery Mildew, Leaf Septori and rust. Mold or bud rot can devastate an entire crop in a matter of days, often appearing just before complete maturity when the buds are at their largest.

Extremely hard to spot until it has fully taken hold, diseases such as Botrytis, or bud rot, are best prevented as they are impossible to cure, and difficult to stop once set in, with the only option to cut away all the infected buds and areas, and harvest the buds as soon as possible. Never smoke moldy buds, they contain mold spores which can make you ill, make you short of breath, and often leave you with a chest infection.

To prevent these problems with your plants, spray them with Mold Control approximately half-way through their flowering period. The formula contains neem oil, and potassium bicarbonate, as well as other active ingredients, designed to prevent most forms of mold and fungus from developing.

One cap of Mold Control should be dissolved into a 1 liter plant spray bottle and applied to the plants as a fine mist, at the start of their ‘dark’ period. One bottle contains enough for several applications, or up to fifty indoor plants.

Prevent Disease – Root Protector

Stop Plant Diseases With Root ProtectorMany new growers fail to spot when harmful bacteria has ‘built-up’ and begins attacking the roots. For many the first signs are a slowing down in the growth, poor, limp leaves and a general discoloring, and in extreme cases the plant will wilt, wither and die.

There are several common root diseases including; Pythium, Fusarium, Botrytis, Alternaria and Phomopsis, all attack the plant from the roots upwards, and left untreated, will severely reduce your yield and quality. The Root Protector’s specially formulated solution contains elements to combat these diseases, including, Streptomyces Griseoviridis, a friendly form of bacteria that remains close to the plants roots, feeding off the unwanted, harmful bacteria forming a protective barrier.

Easy to apply, a cap of Root Protector should be dissolved into a liter of water, and the solution applied evenly around the base of the plants. Clean, fresh water should then be applied to thoroughly flush the solution around the roots. Best results are obtained when the Root Protector is added at the start of the light period. The Root Protector solution can also be added to hydroponic tanks to assist in root rot prevention.

Buy The Marijuana Plant Protector Set

You can buy the complete Marijuana Plant Protection set online from I Love Growing Marijuana. The current price of $39.00 includes postage and packaging, and is covered by their delivery guarantee. Payment is 100% secure, using Credit/Debit Card, Cash or Bitcoin, and all orders are shipped direct within two working days. See all our Cannabis seeds for sale.


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