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Black Domina Feminized Seeds

Black Domina Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

One of the most legendary Indica dominant strains available for sale, Black Domina Feminized Marijuana seeds are classic ‘Old-School’.The foundation of many popular strains and whose genes can be found all over the world.

Created from four famous strains, Hash Plant, Northern Lights, Ortega and and Afghani, this hybrid Marijuana strain is a culmination of successive breeding and back-crossing. Now stabilized, feminized and available to buy.

Fast to mature, easy to grow and fantastic for beginners. What’s not to like about Black Domina. Whether you choose to grow indoors, or outside, they are a great choice. Suitable for all levels of experience.

For those growers that like to use their trim and low-grade buds to make edibles, Black Domina is a perfect choice due to its extremely high resin production and strong levels of THC.

Black Domina Strain Review.

Black Domina Feminized Marijuana seeds are a complex Indica-dominant strain created through blending four top-quality Indica’s together. A 90% Indica itself, the plants produce extremely bushy plants, small in stature, but big in bud generation.

Produce the biggest harvest with Feminized Marijuana seeds. Stable and uniform, every seed produces a female plant capable of generating flowers, buds and cola’s. With separate vegetative and flowering phases, plants will grow and develop until the daylight hours reduce.

Once the plants receive 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness per night they will begin to flower. Black Domina requires between 6 – 7 weeks to fully bud and mature, producing dank, heavy buds with a thick coating of resin.

Black Domina produces its heaviest harvests when cultivated using the Sea-of-Green technique. A close-quarter growing method designed to produce an even canopy of buds. Both indoor and outdoor growers can adopt these techniques to maximize bud development and yields.

Exposed to cooler night-time temperatures, Black Domina buds can take on a dark berry appearance. THC levels range from 15% – 20%, inducing a strong, powerful body-buzz and long, relaxing high. Perfect for night-time enjoyment, assisting rest and a good-night’s sleep.

  • 90% Indica dominant genes.
  • Flowering times 6 – 7 weeks average.
  • Yields of up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and 700 grams per-plant outdoors.
  • THC content 15% – 20%.
  • Relaxing body-buzz.
  • Increases the appetite, reduces insomnia, stress and depression.

Black Domina Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale.

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