Cannabis Seed Sale January 2022

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Early Bird Cannabis Seeds Sale 2022

Early Bird 2022 Cannabis Seeds Sale.

The Early Bird Cannabis Seed Sale 2022 has begun. Find classic strains, and some of our best-selling Feminized and Autoflowering seeds, all included in this first sale of 2022. For the next few days, our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana are adding a free 10-seed packet to all qualifying purchases. With a wide selection available, treat yourself to an extra, free packet of your favorite Cannabis seeds.

I Love Growing Marijuana are one of the world’s most trusted seed banks. Over the last 10 years they have produced and shipped, countless seeds to a wide variety of countries. Based in Modesto, California, enjoy free shipping to all parts of the USA, with guaranteed delivery at no extra cost.

Receiving your free Cannabis seeds couldn’t be easier. Simply purchase a 10-seed packet from any of the strains incorporated within this offer and pay using one of the secure methods available. A second, identical 10-seed packet will automatically be added to your purchase, prior to dispatch.

Whether you choose to grow indoor or outside, traditional feminized seeds or one of the new, super-quick Autoflowering varieties, you’re sure to find a strain that suits your growing style and level of experience. With twice as many seeds for your money, why not try something new?

10 Free Feminized Seeds With All 10-Seed Purchases.

Feminized Cannabis seeds are the perfect choice for growing indoors. Once germinated and sprouted, allow the plants 18 hours of light per-day to grow and develop. Allow an even, level canopy to fill the growing area, then reduce the light-cycle to twelve hours per day to induce flowering. Over an average of 8 – 9 weeks, the buds will form and mature, ready for harvesting.

Cannabis can be divided into two different types, Sativa and Indica. Naturally left to develop over thousands of years, Sativa plants grow tall, with long flowering times, producing buds with an uplifting, ‘high’ effect. Indica varieties flourished in harsher terrains. They remained smaller and bushy, producing strong branches and dense, resin-coated buds. The effects are more physical and relaxing, with strains often recommended as a natural form of pain relief.

Many of the new hybrid strains contain a balance of both varieties. The plants grow to approximately 1.5 meters tall, producing hard, dense buds with a choice of flavors, aromas and levels of potency. Perfect for modern, indoor growing techniques, many are easy to grow, requiring just a small amount of knowledge or experience.

There are several, high-quality strains included within this Early Bird Cannabis Seed Sale, with both LSD and Gelato offering a balanced blend of both elements. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more euphoric, creative sensation, perhaps try the Super Silver Haze. Or for those wishing to relax, the 100% pure Indica, Purple Kush is a great choice. Check out these Cannabis seeds for sale.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze Cannabis Seeds - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

Super Skunk

Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds - Buy 10 Get 10 Seeds Free

White Widow

White Widow Cannabis Seeds - Buy 10 Get 10 Seeds Free

All Buy 10 Get 10 Free Feminized Cannabis Seeds In The Early Bird Sale.

Buy 10 Autoflowering Seeds, Get 10 Free.

Autoflowering seeds have become more and more popular over the last years, with many strains available in both traditional Feminized and feminized Autoflowering format. A fast and easy way to produce regular, high-quality harvests, many indoor growers are choosing them to grow their own buds.

With just a single grow-room, even a complete novice can quickly begin producing their own plants. Many states now allow residents to grow a limited number for personal use, Autoflowering seeds are the perfect option. Set your lights to run an 18/6 on-off cycle for the best results. With no change or reduction needed, plants of all ages can be successfully cultivated together, providing a constant, fresh supply of tasty, potent buds.

By taking the original strain and incorporating the Ruderalis gene, the plants grow as an Autoflowering strain , while retaining its own unique flavor, aroma and effects. Once dried and cured, it’s almost impossible to tell whether the buds are from a feminized, or autoflowering seed. With a little care and attention, per-plant harvests can be between 4 – 6 ounces, with an average 10-week total growing/flowering time.

Want to grow some of the best weed around, but feel you lack the skill necessary? Don’t worry! We have a variety of Autoflowering seeds included within this Early Bird Cannabis Seed Sale. Enjoy the same fantastic flavors, subtle aromas and powerful effects as the feminized strains, but quicker and far easier to grow.

Gelato Autoflower

Gelato Autoflower Seeds - Buy 10 Get 10 Free Seeds

LSD Autoflower

LSD Autoflower Seeds - Buy 10 Get 10 Seeds Free

Purple Kush Autoflower

Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds - Buy 10 Get 10 Seeds Free

All Buy 10 Get 10 Free Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds In The Early Bird Sale.

Early Bird Cannabis Seed Sale – Buy Online.

Select from our fabulous feminized strains, or be tempted with a fast-flowering Auto. Buy any 10-seed packet from the list of qualifying strains and receive a second, identical packet absolutely free. With no limit per customer, double your buying power today with an extra 10-seed packet with every single qualifying purchase.

All seeds are shipped directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, with super-fast, guaranteed delivery.

Take advantage of this first Cannabis seed sale of 2022 and double your seeds for free. Don’t delay, the sale will end soon and it could be a while before these strains are offered again.

Find all the buy-10-get-10-free strains in the Early Bird Cannabis Seed Sale 2022 below.

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