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There are many positive effects from using Cannabis and Marijuana, (which is the same plant under a different classification) Some are commonly agreed, some have yet to have their claims confirmed, sustained or acknowledged.

We have been honest in our reviews, and while claims may be true, we prefer to deal with the effects users can instantly feel, rather than the possibility it may help with various ailments and illnesses.

White Widow Cannabis Effects

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White Widow Cannabis Seeds

60% Indica – 40% Sativa

THC Level – 18%

Medical CBD – Medium

Height – 80-120 cm

Yield – 400-500 Grams per square meter

60 Days Flowering Cycle

Best For: Indoor, Medicinal, Beginner

White Widow produces a sociable, talkative, relaxed feeling that makes it a great smoke to enjoy with friends. Perfect for day and night use with a strong, pain-relieving ‘body-buzz’ and happy, euphoric high. Too much, too fast, can produce ‘couch-lock’ in light smokers. See all our Cannabis seeds for sale.

White Widow Flavor and Aroma:

White Widow Flavor

Designed for the indoor Cannabis grower, White Widow offers great bag-appeal with large light green buds, generously coated in a thick layer of resin with a complex flavour and aroma containing hints of sweet fruit and woody earth.

White Widow Effects:

White Widow Smoking Effects

White Widow is a very strong, potent form of Cannabis, often used for pain relief due to its intense, powerful body-buzz. The ‘White’ name spawned a family of strains including White Rhino, Great White Shark, White Berry and many more, all created using the White Widow genes.

White Widow Medical Uses:

White Widow Medical Uses

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