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Gold Leaf Autoflowering Seeds For Sale

Perfectly balanced Indica dominant hybrid with high THC and CBD levels.

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Gold Leaf Autoflower Review
Gold Leaf Autoflower Seeds For Sale

Strain: Gold Leaf

Plant Type: Autoflowering

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Gold Leaf Auto

Robert Bergman's Gold Leaf cannabis seeds are a popular and well-known strain, that's now available as autoflowering seeds, as well as the traditional feminized variety. Easy to grow, they can be cultivated outdoors from early Spring through to late Summer, requiring just 56 days from sprouting to achieve complete ripeness and maturity. Grown indoors, the plants produce large buds and heavy yields, without the need to adjust the number of light hours the plants receive.

Unlike conventional feminized cannabis seeds, autoflowering seeds need no set hours of darkness to flower and mature. Instead of separate vegetative and budding phases, the plants develop and flower simultaneously, reducing the time the plants require to an absolute minimum. This makes Gold Leaf Autoflowering seeds the perfect choice for outdoor growers looking to cultivate an early crop. While those gardeners who planted traditional feminized cannabis seeds have to wait until late Summer/early Fall for their buds to ripen, autoflowering seeds can easily produce 3-4 crops per season from the same space.

With no dedicated growing phase, yields are reduced compared to season-long, conventional cannabis seeds, but with several crops achievable per year, the overall amount produced can often be greater than expected. Grown outdoors, plants can produce up to 6 oz each given good quality light, air and plenty of space. Indoor growers can produce up to 160 grams per square meter.

Gold Leaf Autoflowering seeds produce dense, compact plants that are easily disguised and camouflaged, making them a perfect choice for discreetly growing. The buds are dense, hard, and have a spicy, herbal flavor and aroma pleasing to both medicinal and recreational users.

Elevated THC levels of 21% ensure a euphoric, happy and relaxing high that's great for both day and night-time use, while the increased CBD content can help to provide welcome relief from many conditions and ailments, including; ADHD, stress, anxiety and depression.

You can buy Gold Leaf Autoflowering seeds in packs of 5, 10 and 20 seeds, with big savings on the larger packets. Shipped directly from I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world's leading producers and suppliers of high quality marijuana and cannabis seeds. Choose from a selection of payment methods including; Cash, credit card, bank transfer and Bitcoin.

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Gold Leaf Autoflowering Seeds

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