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Lets get February off to a flying start. We may only be five weeks into the year, but Spring will soon be on its way. The daylight hours are getting longer each day, and the weather is slowly warming up. As soon as the last frosts have passed, it will be time to get outdoors and get some seeds into the ground.

Of course the indoor growers have been cultivating their plants throughout the Winter months, but many of them still plant Cannabis seeds outdoors, taking advantage of the Spring and Summer sun. Forward planning is key to a successful harvest and seed selection is an important part of that process.

Growing your own Cannabis doesn’t have to be difficult, costly or time consuming. It can be as simple or complex as you wish to make it. With the right seeds and strains, almost anyone, regardless of previous experience, can cultivate a successful crop. Find all our Cannabis seeds for sale.

From today, 3rd February, until the end of the Super Bowl on Sunday 7th, our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana are giving you the chance to grab some free Cannabis seeds with all qualifying purchases. Simply choose one of the three High THC strains included in the offer and purchase a 10-seed packet using any of the secure and encrypted payment options.

A second, identical 10-seed packet will be added to your order before shipping. With no added costs, these extra Cannabis seeds are totally free and the same as you seeds you have paid for. Double your stack of High THC Marijuana seeds for free, or buy 20 of the finest seeds and pay for only ten! Take advantage of this time sensitive offer before you watch this years Super Bowl 55.

Super High THC Cannabis Seeds Sale

High THC Marijuana Seeds

For some people it’s all about the high, enjoying strong, potent Cannabis at its very best. There are several top-quality strains with elevated THC levels, with three extremely potent strains included within the High THC Super Sale.

All three strains are completely feminized, guaranteed to germinate and produce the finest, pure female plants. Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor grower, experienced or new to growing, with a little care you can soon be cultivating some of the most potent, powerful Cannabis buds possible.

Strong, high THC Cannabis seeds don’t all produce the same effects. Indica strains with an elevated THC content can produce a deeply sedative, relaxed state, great for enjoying on a lazy day or in the evening.

Sativa strains with a high THC content induce a more cerebral, euphoric sensation, leaving the user feeling energized, motivated and creative. Often preferred as a daytime smoke, they can help ease stress, depression and ease mental issues.

High THC Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

Feminized Cannabis seeds are perfect for indoor and outdoor growers alike. Containing no male chromosomes, each seed germinated is guaranteed to produce a pure female plant. With no wasted time, effort, space or resources wasted on unwanted male plants, buying Feminized seeds maximizes your potential crop and per-seed yield.

Traditional Feminized Cannabis seeds have two stages to their lives. While they receive more than 12 hours light, they will grow and develop. Once the daylight hours decrease and they receive 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness they will begin to flower.

Indoor growers should set their lights to an 18/6 on-off cycle during the first few weeks of the plants development. Vegetating their plants to an appropriate size. Once an even canopy covers the growing area, the lighting should be altered to a 12/12 ratio. This will maximize growth and flowering over an 8 – 10 week period, until the plants are fully mature.

Indica dominant strains remain squat and bushy with a limited height. Perfect for Sea-of-Green Cultivation methods. While Sativa dominant strains grow taller and benefit from the Screen-of-Green method. In general Indica dominant plants flower and mature slightly quicker.

Cultivated outdoors both Cannabis varieties can grow into large plants. Sativa’s will be taller, Indica plants become very bushy, given good conditions and long hours of direct sunlight. As Summer comes to an end and the daylight hours naturally decrease, the plants will begin to flower. Maturity requires 8 – 10 weeks, but the per-plant yields can be extremely generous.

Choose any of the three High THC Feminized Marijuana seeds in this Super Sale offer and receive an extra 10-seed packet completely free.

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High THC Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds.

Our Feminized seed offers are great for indoor growers at this time of year, reducing the per-seed costs and increasing their stock of seeds for the next planting cycle. Outdoor growers however are not so lucky. They have to wait until the Fall to harvest their plants and enjoy the fruits of their labor. There is however, a solution, a faster way to grow Cannabis outdoors.

Autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice at this time of year. Their ability to grow and flower, regardless of the number of daylight or darkness hours they receive, allows for faster harvests and the ability to generate fresh buds every eight weeks. With no requirement for set hours of darkness, and simultaneous growing and flowering cycles, they can fully develop and mature over a period of just 8 – 10 weeks.

Unlike traditional Feminized Cannabis seeds, Autoflowering strains do not require long hours of darkness to flower. In fact, they produce their biggest and best quality harvests when subjected to long hours of strong, direct sunlight. Planting Autoflowering as soon as the last frosts are gone will generate the fastest outdoor harvests possible.

Once harvested and dried its almost impossible to tell traditional buds from those cultivated from Autoflowering Cannabis seeds. The genetics are the same, except for the Ruderalis gene included within Autoflowering strains to enable it to do so.

The plants yield less than their traditional Feminized counter-parts, but with a short combined growing and flowering period, several crops can be cultivated in the same area over the course of a year. Generating high-quality, regular harvests, regardless of the season or daylight hours.

With three of the best quality strains included in this offer, choose the High THC Autoflowering seeds that suit you best and receive 10 free seeds on all 10-seed packet purchases.

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Want to learn more about growing Cannabis and Marijuana?

Growing your own Cannabis can be fun, relaxing and profitable. For just a few dollars you can begin growing your own weed and save hundreds compared to retail prices.

Sometimes, all we need is a little help, advise and simple instructions to follow and we can all learn how to accomplish most tasks, and growing a plant is pretty easy!

If you would like to learn the best germination methods, techniques to maximize your bud sizes, total harvest and quality, download the free Marijuana Grow Guide.

Packed full of all the information you could need to grow Cannabis plants indoors and outside, it’s available at no cost, or obligation.

Download your copy today and discover just how easy growing Cannabis can be.

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