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Jack Herer X Super Skunk Feminized Seeds

Jack Herer x Super Skunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

If you’re looking for a strain with real ‘bag-appeal’ these Jack Herer x Super Skunk Feminized Cannabis seeds for sale, are a perfect choice. Completely stable, pure female seeds, capable of producing heavy yields of potent, pungent buds.

A combination of two classic strains, with powerful, medicinal effects and dank, hard buds. Perfect for growing indoors within a purpose-built area, or outdoors in warm, sunny climates.

Harvesting the best yields from these seeds requires a small amount of experience. Indoor growers in Canada should use super-cropping techniques to help reduce future height issues and help to increase the total yield.

Once mature, the buds have a sweet lemon and skunk aroma, delicious and enticing. Impressive yields and good quality trimmings make this an ideal choice for making edibles and concentrates from.

A ‘pick-me-up’ smoke, great for day-time use, a real ‘wake-and-bake’. Energizing, uplifting effects help focusing on daily tasks more manageable, while the euphoric high can boost the mood, alleviating stress and depression.

Jack Herer x Super Skunk Marijuana Strain Review.

One of the new and exciting strains now available for sale online, choose from three, different sized packets, all containing the highest quality Feminized Marijuana seeds. Highly adaptable, they can be successfully cultivated indoors in Canada.

A Sativa dominant strain, the plants can become quite tall. Screen-of-Green growing techniques can help to reduce height issues and improve total harvests by creating an even canopy. Topping, bending and staking can also help improve yields and limit overall heights.

A completely feminized strain with separate vegetative and flowering phases. Growers are advised to vegetate their plants under an 18/6 on-off light-cycle to achieve the best growth and plant development. Flowering begins once the lighting hours are reduced to 12 per day.

With a little care and attention, Jack Herer x Super Skunk can produce impressive yields, up to 500 grams of pungent, sticky buds per square meter. Enjoy a sweet lemon and skunk aroma, with a similar, mouth-watering flavor.

THC levels are high, averaging between 17% – 24%, inducing a powerful, cerebral effect and euphoric sensation. Perfect for day-time use, it can energize the body and motivate the mind. Great for socializing with friends, producing happy, relaxing sensations.

  • Sativa dominant genes.
  • Flowering time 8 – 10 weeks on average.
  • Yields of 500 grams per square meter.
  • THC content 17% – 24%.
  • Uplifting and energizing high with a cerebral euphoria.
  • Can relieve stress, anxiety and depression, boosting creativity and energy levels.

Jack Herer x Super Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale.

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Jack Herer x Super Skunk

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Jack Herer X Super Skunk Feminized Seeds

Jack Herer x Super Skunk Feminized Seeds Now Available!

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