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Super Skunk Feminised Seeds



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Super Skunk Seeds


Super Skunk Feminised Seeds


If you like your weed to have a strong, pungent aroma, these Super Skunk feminised seeds are perfect for you. Stable, ‘Old-School’ Cannabis with a sweet citrus flavor and perfectly balanced high.

A very easy Cannabis strain to grow, with a forgiving nature, making these Super Skunk feminised seeds the perfect choice for beginners and less experienced Marijuana growers.

More experienced growers, and those following the feeding and watering schedules using the Marijuana Booster nutrients can expect some of the highest quality yields of pungent, stinky skunk weed.

Super Skunk feminised seeds can be grown indoors or outside given the right conditions and environment, and by following the expert advice available in the Marijuana Grow Bible, download free below, you can expect to achieve harvest of between 500 – 700 grams per square meter.

Marijuana Grow Bible - Free Download

Super Skunk feminised seeds are Indica dominant, with only 10% Sativa Cannabis genes. Fully mature, expect the plants to reach heights of 100 – 150 cm tall, perfect for indoors, or discrete outdoor growing.

Growth is strong, producing thick stems and strong, close branching able to support the weight of the dense, light green round buds covered with a generous coating of brown hairs and an abundance of THC crystals.

Once the light hours are reduced to a 12/12 regime, expect flowering to begin swiftly. A fast, CASH-CROP strain, complete maturity occurs after just 52 days on average, but don’t think that affects the overall quality, it doesn’t.

With yields between 500 – 700 grams per square meter these babies are cash-croppers! Dried and cured the buds have a pungent skunk smell, but sweet, citrus flavor. A perfect night-smoke producing an all-round body stone and aromatic high. Some users may find the stone quite ‘couch-locking’ with it’s 16% THC.

Super Skunk Feminised Seeds

Super Skunk is considered to have a variety of medical uses, including;

  • Treating Insomnia

  • Reducing Headaches

  • Relieving Stomach Cramps

  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety

  • Increasing Appetite

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Super Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale

With this offer available from I Love Growing Marijuana there has never been a better time to buy Super Skunk feminised seeds. Each seed is hand-selected to ensure the highest possible germination rate, and should a seed fail to germinate, they GUARANTEE to replace it, totally free of charge.

Shipping is free, so no added costs, and the super-stealth methods used to send any seeds or growing nutrients are second to none, unlike many companies that offer cheap Cannabis seeds, but charge excessively for the postage, and sometimes extra for stealth shipping.

When you buy Super Skunk feminized seeds through I love Growing Marijuana your delivery is GUARANTEED to arrive at your chosen address. If they fail to arrive, for whatever reason, simply let their customer services department know, and your order will be re-shipped, using different packaging, and often shipped via a different country too!

Even though Super Skunk Feminised seeds are an easy Cannabis strain to grow, there is still the possibility that somewhere, something could go wrong and your plants are suffering. If this happens to you, don’t let it affect your harvest of prime quality Super Skunk.

Take a picture, email the support team at I Love Growing Marijuana and let them advice you on the correct course of action to reinvigorate your plants. Unlike any other Cannabis seed company, I Love Growing Marijuana not only want you to buy their seeds, they want you to grow a harvest you’re proud of, and if that means a little help and advice where needed, then that’s what they give.

Growing a good crop of Cannabis is a very satisfying feeling, growing an awesome crop of Super Skunk is inspiring! By following the feeding schedules and PDF downloads, containing easy to follow instructions on all stages from germination to harvest, you will be amazed at just how easy it is, and with the highest level of customer support, your harvest is almost guaranteed.

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