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Blue Monday Sativa Marijuana Seeds Sale

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Traditionally called Blue Monday, today is suppose to be the most miserable and depressing day of the year……Great!! If you’re feeling a little down and ‘Blue’ perhaps we can cheer up your mood with a special Blue Monday Sativa seeds sale from I Love Growing Marijuana.

With a wide and diverse selection of high-quality Sativa based Cannabis seeds for sale, you’ll find it hard to choose between the strains. So many flavors and aromas, potent and powerful cerebral effects, it can be difficult to decide.

Many outdoor Marijuana growers cultivate Sativa dominant seeds outdoors over the Summer months. Their height and spread can produce almost ‘tree-like’ plants when given long hours of strong, direct sunlight. Yields can be incredible, with fully mature plants often producing a pound or more of top-quality buds, given sufficient care and attention.

Sativa dominant Marijuana seeds also respond well to indoor growing techniques. Their height and size can sometimes be an issue, but Screen-of-Green growing and super-cropping techniques can help. In general, Sativa Marijuana plants require a week or two longer than Indica varieties to fully ripen and mature.

For many people it’s all about the ‘high’ and Sativa based strains deliver by the bucket. Well-known for their potent and powerful effects, expect waves of happiness and euphoria to combine with an upbeat motivational calmness. Perfect for daytime use and socializing, inducing a positive, upbeat mood.

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Strain Spotlight – Zkittlez Feminized and Autoflowering.

Blue Monday Sale - Zkittlez Cannabis SeedsAlthough Zkittlez only contains 30% Sativa genes, its effects are positive and cerebral. Thanks to our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana, you can now buy 10 and get a further 10 Zkittlez seeds absolutely free. Take advantage of this time-limited Blue Monday Sativa seeds sale while you can.

Zkittlez Marijuana seeds are very easy to grow. Their 70% Indica genetics create a typically squat, robust plant with large fan leaves and strong, close branches.

Pure feminized seeds ensure every seed germinated produces a pure female plant, displaying the colorful array of female flowers and buds this strain is known for.

Feminized Zkittlez Seeds

Named after the ‘taste the rainbow’ candy, it’s not hard to see why. With its colorful buds and sweet fruity aroma these Zkittlez buds make your mouth water.

For traditional growers these Zkittlez Feminized Marijuana seeds can be cultivated either indoors or outside.

Their easy-to-grow nature makes them a perfect choice for growers of all levels of experience.

Flowering times average approximately 8 weeks, producing large, dense buds with a thick coating of resin. Yields average between 16 – 21 oz per square meter.

Buy a 10-seed packet of Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds and receive an extra 10-seed packet absolutely free while stocks last.

Autoflowering Zkittlez Seeds

For growers with slightly less experience, or those looking to produce a fast, easy harvest, we recommend Zkittlez Autoflowering seeds. With combined vegetative and flowering development, the plants grow and mature far quicker than traditional feminized seeds.

Autoflowering seeds grow and flower simultaneously, almost from sprouting. Regardless of the time of year, or number of light-hours these plants receive, they will grow, flower and fully mature approximately 10 weeks from germination.

Zkittlez Autoflowering seeds are great for growing indoors. Setting the lights to a constant 18/6 on-off cycle throughout the plants life will produce the biggest and best quality harvests. Enjoy yields of between 4 – 6 oz per square meter using the Sea-of-Green technique.

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We offer a wide selection of Cannabis seeds in a variety of formats. Whether its feminized or autoflowering seeds, we have strains to suit all tastes, needs and growing styles.

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