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Bonza Mix Pack

The Bonza Mix Pack has been created for growers living in hot, dry climates such as Australia, Nevada and Arizona.

While many Marijuana strains cannot withstand the exceptionally hot, dry, arid conditions, these three feminized strains excel, producing high-quality harvests of potent, heavy buds.

All Sativa dominant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques, the plants will begin to flower once the daylight hours are reduced to around 12 per day.

Flowering times vary between strains, averaging between 8 - 10 weeks for the plants to achieve peak ripeness and maturity.

Completely feminized, devoid of all male chromosomes, the three Bonza Mix Pack strains are guaranteed to produce pure female plants with heavy yields of potent, powerful buds.

THC levels vary between each strain, with Sour Diesel and Durban Poison producing approximately 20% each, while Banana Kush can contain up to 27%.

A perfect choice for the outdoor grower in hot climates, these seeds can each produce huge plants, that are almost 'tree-like' in structure with heavy yields of up to 21 oz given good conditions, with adequate water and nutrients.

Durban Poison - A pure 100% Sativa variety that thrives outdoors in hot, dry conditions. Skunk-cheese aroma with a euphoric high.

Banana Kush - Perfect for growing outdoors under dry, hot conditions. Potent, powerful high with 27% THC levels and a sweet banana flavor.

Sour Diesel - Loves long hours of strong, direct sunlight, produces its best harvest when cultivated outdoors. Unique Diesel-fuel aroma.


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The Bonza seed mix are available in packs of 15 and 30 seeds, all completely guaranteed to germinate, growing pure female Cannabis plants for your enjoyment at home.

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Bonza Mix

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Bonza Seeds Mix

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