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Growing your own Cannabis from seeds that you have acquired can be a very rewarding and relaxing experience. Many people discover that growing their own cannabis plant from seed to harvest is relaxing and therapeutic. However, to grow a good crop of high quality buds, you need to ensure that you use good seeds and provide them with an environment that enables them to grow and develop to their full potential. This post will help you understand the basic principles on how to find and choose the right seeds for your needs.

Do all Cannabis plants produce seeds?

Bud Heavy With Ripe Cannabis Seeds

Female Cannabis plants only produce seeds once it has been pollinated by a male plant. It is highly unlucky you will find seeds in buds bought from an authorized dispensary, and, if you have bought clone plants, it’s also unlikely that these will develop seeds either. When you smoke marijuana, you’re typically inhaling the seedless female flowering buds, in many parts of the world this is called sensimillia, which translted, simply means “without seed”.

Female cannabis plants produce much more resin in comparison to male plants, which is why the budding clusters of female flowers are the part we wish to mature before harvest. Marijuana or cannabis resin is produced by the female plant in the form of trichomes, these play a vital part of the plant’s reproductive cycle. The buds, coated with trichome’s, become sticky as maturity approaches, this is to help capture any male pollen spores that may be drifting on the breeze, which in turn pollinates the flowers, developing seeds for the following generation of plants. Without male pollen to fertilize the flowers, the female plants will increase their trichome production to give itself the very best chance of reproducing.

All female plants are capable of producing seeds, all that is required is male pollination for their development. Cannabis seed breeders are continually creating new varieties and strains by selecting pollen from specific male plants that exhibit strong, desirable traits, and combining it with the genes from highly prized female plants. This creates seeds that have the potential to display desirable characteristics such as fast flowering, or heavy yielding, and carefully chosen traits such as flavor and aroma.

How To Select The Right Seeds

With a large number of innovative cannabis breeders constantly trying new crosses, the current diversity of cannabis and marijuana has never been greater. There are fast-growing varieties, varieties designed for growing outdoors, as well as many strains selectively bred to grow indoors. Short, close branching Indica dominant varieties are usually the best choice for indoor growers. While those growers looking to produce buds with a Sativa high often select one of the many Sativa/Indica hybrids.

Research which strains are best suited to your growing conditions and provide the taste, aroma and high you prefer. Sativa cannabis plants require a longer flowering period than the Indica varieties. Because of this many growers choose to plant Sativa seeds outdoors and allow them to grow naturally throughout the Summer months.  If you have an outdoor growing area, consider using it to develop a slower growing Sativa dominant plant that will make the best of the outdoor growing season.

Once you’ve selected the best strain for your needs and growing environment, you can decided which type of seed you require. For some strains for can purchase regular seeds, these cannabis seeds will produce some female and some male plants, with approximately a 50/50 split. Alternatively, you can buy feminized seeds. Feminized seeds have been bred to contain no male chromosomes, guaranteeing that each and every seed will produce a female only plants.

Feminized seeds guarantee you are growing female plants. They are the best choice for indoor cannabis growers who want to harvest their plants without the possibility of fertilization. One of the main drawbacks with feminized seeds is that you cannot produce your own seeds from these plants, unless you introduce a separate male into the grow room to pollinate them.

Spotting Good Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Seeds USA Reviews - Fresh Cannabis SeedsThere are several ways to tell the quality of a seed before you plant it;

  • Color: Cannabis seeds should be dark brown and teardrop shaped. Many have dark stripes or splotches of different brown, black, or tan shades. Pale or green seeds have not had time to fully form.
  • Hardness: Cannabis seeds should have a hard outer shell. Seeds that are soft or damaged rarely germinate.
  • Size: Indica seeds are usually larger with distinct striping. Sativa seeds are smaller and more uniform in color.

How to find great seeds

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana Dispensary

There are several US state’s that allow the home growing of cannabis and marijuana for either medical or recreational use. Growers living in these State’s will find buying cannabis seeds much easier than others. For example, in California medical cannabis patients can buy seeds that were produced within the state without breaking any state law.

However, in order to buy the seeds, you must have your medical marijuana authorization card and collection must be in person as it is an offence to send cannabis via the mail service.

Every State has it’s own laws on cannabis and medical marijuana. While some States allow only medical marijuana, others have legislated for it’s recreational use, and some States ban both the plant and the use of medical and recreational cannabis.

Local dispensaries will be able to tell you the State laws, but as a general rule, cannabis seeds that are from out of State sources, whether domestic or international are illegal.

Online seed banks

The laws covering the shipping of cannabis and marijuana seeds in the United States of America vary depending on whether the seeds were posted internally, with the country, or internationally, such as seeds sent from another country. Seeds intercepted in the post between different States can lead to a criminal conviction. However, intercepted cannabis seeds sent from another country rarely cause any further action to be taken. Although the sale of marijuana seeds and products is illegal under federal law, many of these companies ship their seeds as ‘souvenirs only’

Should your marijuana seeds be intercepted and confiscated at the border by customs officials, they will almost certainly throw the seeds away. The intended recipient will then receive a letter stating that the package has been confiscated, because it breaks US customs laws. Should that happen to your purchase, inform the seed bank, if you purchased your seeds from a reputable supplier, most will dispatch a replacement free of charge.

Possession of Cannabis or Marijuana seeds is illegal under US federal law, and breaks State law where growing is not permitted. While ordering or possessing these seeds is illegal, it is extremely unlikely that you will face prosecution for them, and a confiscated package that’s sent from overseas rarely causes any further consequences. Germinating the seeds and growing the plants can and will get you into trouble though in many States, so be sure to always check your local cannabis and marijuana seed laws.

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