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Trainwreck is a mind-bending Cannabis hybrid with potent sativa effects, and a hit like a freight train.

Trainwreck Cannabis Seeds Review.
Trainwreck Cannabis Seeds USA

Strain: Trainwreck

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Trainwreck Cannabis Seeds

Trainwreck Cannabis seeds combine the very best attributes of the Mexican and Thai Sativa’s, crossed with an Afghani Indica. The resulting hybrid plant is an extremely potent and powerful strain with a dominant 65% Sativa and 35% Indica genetic make-up.

Feminized Trainwreck seeds are a great choice for any Cannabis grower, whether indoor or outside, recreational or medical use. Producing female-only plants with a good structure, height and harvest, yielding superior quality buds with very high THC and CBD levels.

Grown indoors, Trainwreck requires only a limited vegetative period before inducing flowering. The Sativa dominant genes will make the plant grow quickly during the first few weeks of flowering, and allowing the plant to grow too tall, prior to flowering, may well induce height issues and problems later in the flowering cycle.

Grown indoors in this way, Trainwreck will mature around 70 cm tall, producing a bushy plant with an average yield of 600 grams of dried, high quality bud per square meter. Grown outdoors, the plant can grow up to 210 cm tall, taking on a tree-like structure with extreme yields.

On average the plants will require seventy days to fully flower and completely mature. The buds will become hard and dense with a sweet-lemon and spicy pine aroma and subtle flavor. A low leaf to bud ratio makes harvesting and manicure easier than some Sativa dominant strains.

The high is almost instantaneous, fast and hard hitting, gaining it the name ‘Trainwreck’. High levels of THC and CBD combine to produce a surge of euphoria, creating a happy, relaxed and creative feeling, great for socializing with friends.

You can buy Trainwreck Cannabis seeds here in packs of 5, 10 and 20 feminized seeds.

All feminized seeds are 100% guaranteed to germinate and produce female-only plants. Postage, as well as the very best stealth packaging methods are included in the price, and delivery, just like germination, is also 100% guaranteed.

If for any reason your seeds fail to arrive, a replacement will be dispatched totally free of charge. I Love Growing Marijuana pride themselves on their first-class service, providing the very best customer care and support, from purchase to harvest.

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Trainwreck Seeds

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