Cannabis Seeds Sale 710 Day

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Marijuana Seeds 710 Day Sale

Cannabis Seeds Sale 710 Day.

While 420 is a well-known code word for smoking Cannabis and Marijuana, the more ‘hard-core’ users are just as likely to celebrate 710 Day.

Confused? Read on and find out why the 7th of July is such a special day in the Cannabis community. Discover how you can get your free, top-quality Cannabis seeds from one of the world’s best producers.

What Is 710 Day?

The 7th of July is a day to celebrate potent and powerful Cannabis products such as Wax, Shatter and Oil. Read 710 upside and it says OIL, the basis of many high-concentrate Cannabis products. Starting in 2012, it is also known as International Oil or Dab Day and compliments the 20th of April, 420 Day.

What Is Dab?

Dab is the concentrated result of extracted THC and other cannabinoids. Through a variety of methods, the THC from resinous plant matter can be broken-down into an oil form. This can then be purified further, producing Honey oil, Dab, Wax and Shatter.

Extremely potent and powerful, they provide high doses of THC with almost instantaneous effects. Although far stronger than the buds, leaves and plant itself, smoking Dab or Oil can be better for one’s health. It don’t burn or carbonize as much material, and is often vaporized instead of burnt.

For many, consuming Oil and Dab allows them to vaporize their Cannabis far easier. A very small amount can be turned into a potent vapor, using a wide variety of hand-held devices. Far better than smoking, it can provide all the benefits associated with consuming Cannabis, THC and CBD. Without the negative health impacts smoking can cause.

Which Cannabis Strains Make The Best Dab?

Commercial growers use their lower buds and trim to make Dab. It can require quite a large quantity of plant matter to make even a small amount. The resin glands are stripped from the plant, collected and concentrated, often using a solvent such as butane or carbon dioxide. Plants with a generous coating of resin produce the largest amounts.

In general, Indica dominant Cannabis varieties produce a greater amount of resin. The more resin a plant generates, the more oil and dab you can produce. Flavors can play an important factor, as these can also seem stronger and amplified.

Cannabis Seeds Sale 710 Day.

If you’re a Cannabis connoisseur and enjoy the highest quality Dab and Oils, celebrate International 710 Day with this special offer, courtesy of I Love Growing Marijuana. From today, 7th of July 2021, they are giving away a free, 10-seed packet of some of their best-quality strains. All of the highest quality, perfect for making your own dab, oils and concentrates from.

With a variety of top-quality Feminized Cannabis seeds for sale, together with some of the fastest-maturing Autoflowering seeds, choose from a wide selection of strains. Cultivate your own, guaranteed female plants, with high-quality buds and resinous leaf-matter. Make your own Dab and Oil from what many people just throw away!

Even if you’re a new or inexperienced grower, cultivating your own plants can be fun, fast and easy. The inclusion of many of our new Autoflowering seeds into the 710 Cannabis Seed Sale, offers a choice of flavors, aroma’s and high’s. With a wide variety suitable for both medicinal and recreational users alike.

Chemdawg Seeds

Chemdawg Feminized

Marijuana Seeds

from $89.00

Chemdawg Feminized seeds

Purple Kush Seeds

Purple Kush Feminized

Marijuana Seeds

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Purple Kush Feminized seeds

Trainwreck Seeds

Trainwreck Feminized

Marijuana Seeds

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Trainwreck Feminized seeds

Many growers are now choosing to buy Autoflowering seeds instead of the more traditional Feminized varieties. The ease and speed at which these seeds and plants grow, can generate multiple harvests over an outdoor growing season. They can also be cultivated very easily and successfully indoors, within a single growing area.

By simultaneously growing, flowering and completely maturing over an average of 9 – 10 weeks from sprouting, harvests come quick and fast. Regular planting over the season will result in multiple harvests, as these plants require no set hours of sunlight or darkness to completely ripen. Indoor growers should set their lights to run a 18/6 on-off cycle for maximum quality and quantity.

Buy NYC Diesel Autoflower Seeds

NYC Diesel Autoflower

Marijuana Seeds

from $109.00

NYC Diesel Autoflowering seeds

Buy LSD Autoflower Seeds

LSD Autoflower

Marijuana Seeds

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LSD Autoflowering seeds

Buy Super Lemon Haze Autoflower Seeds

Super Lemon Haze Autoflower

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Super Lemon Autoflowering seeds

With a wide and varied selection of some of the finest Cannabis seeds, celebrate this year’s 710 Day with an extra packet of your favorite top-quality Cannabis seeds completely free of charge.

Choose from the wide selection of Feminized and Autoflowering seeds available. Receive a second, 10-seed packet added to your purchase at no extra cost.

Free Cannabis seeds. Identical to those you purchase. No added cost. No second-rate seeds.

Find out more about the strains included in our Cannabis seeds sale 710 day.

Get 10 Free Cannabis Seeds In The 710 Day Offer