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THC levels are very high, averaging 24% when completely mature, it’s one of the strongest forms of OG Kush.

Fire OG Cannabis Seeds Review
Fire OG Seeds

Strain: Fire OG

Plant Type: Feminized

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Fire OG Seeds

Fire OG is one of the strongest and most potent forms of marijuana available, combining the properties of the OG Kush with a San Fernando Valley OG. It's 70% Indica dominance produces dense buds with an orange and red color, hence the name Fire OG.

Unlike many Kush strains, Fire OG isn't for inexperienced growers. Experience and a high level of care are required to bring the plant to a successful harvest. Best grown indoors, in a well-ventilated, purpose built area, it enjoy's high nutrient levels and a controlled temperature.

Super-cropping techniques such as topping, bending and staking all help to increase the overall yield, with the plant's returning approximately 400 grams of the finest quality buds per square meter when grown inside, or 450 grams when cultivated outdoors and harvested in late October.

Considering it's dominant Indica genes, flowering times are long, requiring between 10-11 weeks in flower to achieve peak ripeness. It is susceptible to mold, especially if exposed to damp conditions and cold night-time temperatures. Unless you live in one of the Southern states, we recommend only growing Fire OG indoors.

THC levels are very high, averaging 24% when completely mature, making it one of the strongest forms of OG Kush available. Perfect for enjoying in the evening, it's stress relieving properties soon relax the mind and body, ensuring positive energy and thoughts. Highly prized by recreational smokers, it's CBD content of 0.3% also makes it a firm favorite with many medical users.

Fire OG isn't the easiest, or quickest form of Kush to grow, but the rewards are truly outstanding. The highest quality buds and most potent marijuana does take a little longer and require more experience to produce, but with each and every seed guaranteed to germinate, producing a true, female-only plant, the harvests are well-worth the extra wait.

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Fire OG Seeds

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Fire OG Seeds

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