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A fruity Hawaiian strain with fast-acting, long-lasting effects.

Purple Punch Feminized Cannabis Seeds Review.
Purple Punch Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Strain: Purple Punch

Plant Type: Feminized

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Purple Punch Feminized

Purple Punch is an 80% Indica-dominant hybrid creating in Hawaii by Supernova Gardens.

A fast and moderately easy strain to cultivate, it quickly gained popularity with both growers and smokers, offering sweet, fruity flavors and impressive THC levels. Now available in a choice of three pack sizes, you can buy Purple Punch Feminized Cannabis seeds online and enjoy free, guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA.

A strain with an impressive heritage, Purple Punch was created by crossing two of the world's most popular varieties; Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. The seeds are completely feminized and stable, producing bushy plants that can reach up to 1.5 meters tall when fully mature.

An adaptable Cannabis strain which can be cultivated indoors, or outside in warm, sunny climates. The large fan leaves are typical of its Indica-dominance and may require pruning to promote light-penetration and air-flow. Humidity levels should be monitored, both indoors and outside, as the strain can be susceptible to mold in the later stages of flowering.

The buds are large, dense and visually impressive, with forest-green nuggets displaying a purple coloring. A thick coating of resin covers a large portion of the plant matter, making it ideal for use in edibles and concentrates. Flowering begins once the light hours are reduced to twelve per-day and requires approximately 9 weeks for the buds to fully ripen and mature.

Purple Punch has an enticing, sweet aroma, reminiscent of tropical fruits with an earthy, vanilla fragrance. Once dried and cured the taste become more prominent. Sweet grape flavors and a berry aroma are the first things you notice. Followed by a lingering vanilla freshness on the exhale.

With care and good conditions, Purple Punch can produce generous harvests of between 16 - 23 ounces per square meter indoors. Both the Sea-of-Green and Screen-of-Green methods work well with this strain, helping to form a thick, even canopy. Outdoor plants cultivated over the season can produce between 20 - 30 ounces per-plant, given Mediterranean-style conditions.

A potent and powerful Indica-dominant strain, Purple Punch is a seriously hard-hitting smoke! THC levels of up to 25% ensure even the most seasoned user will quickly feel its effects. Best enjoyed on long, lazy afternoons, or early in the evening, it induces a relaxing, 'body-buzz' that leaves you happy and stress-free.

Although primarily a recreational Cannabis variety, Purple Punch also contains a 1% CBD content. Its anti-inflammatory properties can ease the effects of arthritis, while helping to reduce chronic pain and discomfort. Stress, anxiety and depression may be reduced with moderate use, as well as stimulating the appetite and combating insomnia.


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Purple Punch Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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