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Starting today 9th March and until the end of the week, you can enjoy a free, 10-seed packet of Sour Diesel Cannabis seeds with all qualifying purchases. A highly popular strain, loved for its fast-acting euphoric high and energizing ‘body-buzz’ effects. Choose from a 10-seed pack of either Feminized or Autoflowering seeds to qualify for your free Cannabis seeds.

This special week-long offer is from our friends at I Love Growing Marijuana, a highly respected and trusted seed bank with a wide chose of seeds and strains. Simply purchase a 10-seed Sour Diesel pack to qualify for your extra, free seeds completely free.

No cheap, second-rate seeds, or strains you’ve never heard of. Your 10-seed packet of free Cannabis seeds will be identical to your purchase. Doubling the amount of seeds you receive, halving their costs. All prices include postage and packaging, with guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA.

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Sour Diesel Strain Review.

Sour Diesel Cannabis seeds are a well-established and stable strain created from Chemdawg and Super Skunk genetics. 60% Sativa dominant, the plants are not the easiest to grow, requiring some prior knowledge and experience to achieve the very best, highest quality yields.

Highly adaptable to both indoor and outdoor growing techniques. The plants are tall, producing tree-like structures when cultivated outdoors over the course of a growing season. Especially when grown in warm, Mediterranean conditions. Indoor growers should use the Screen-of-Green cultivation method to reduce future height issues, while increasing the overallĀ  potential yield.

Well-known for its extremely pungent aroma, Sour Diesel smells of diesel fuel, while having a sour lemon flavor. It may not sound too appealing, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll soon discover why it’s one of the USA’s most popular Cannabis strains.

With THC levels of up to 20% and a low CBD content, the effects are felt as a euphoric high and stimulating body-buzz. Waves of euphoria quickly relax the mind, inducing a more positive outlook and attitude. While the body-buzz produces an almost instance burst of energy, perfect for day-time use.

While Sour Diesel Feminized Cannabis seeds can be difficult to grow, the Autoflowering variety are much easier and far quicker to mature. Learn more about the two varieties, and decide which are best for your growing style and level of experience.

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Sour Diesel Feminized

Marijuana Seeds

from $79.00

Sour Diesel Feminized seeds

Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds

Completely feminized and guaranteed to produce pure female plants. Perfect for indoor growing techniques and growing outdoors in a warm, sunny climate. Sour Diesel seeds can grow extremely tall, producing spectacular harvests of large, dense buds.

These are traditional feminized seeds with separate vegetative and flowering phases. While the plants receive 12 hours of daylight, they will grow. Once the daylight hours reduce, the plants will begin to flower. Complete maturity requires an average of 10 weeks for the buds to completely ripen.

Outdoor cultivated plants can produce the heaviest harvests. With experienced indoor growers, using the Screen-of-Green method producing approximately 16 oz of the highest quality buds per square meter.

Slightly temperamental, with the potential to develop mold issues in later flowering when ideal conditions are not met. Recommended for experienced growers with established indoor growing areas. Or outdoors in warm, sunny climates with slow, gentle Fall’s.

Buy a 10-seed packet of these Sour Diesel Feminized Cannabis seeds and receive a second packet completely free during this coming week.

Sour Diesel Autoflowering Seeds For Sale

Sour Diesel Feminized

Autoflowering Seeds

from $89.00

Sour Diesel Autoflower seeds

Sour Diesel Autoflowering Seeds

If you’ve always wanted to grow Sour Diesel, or would like the chance to experience its unique aroma and flavor, these Autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice. Offering the same delicious taste and smell, but far easier and faster to grow, they are the perfect choice for outdoor and lesser experienced growers.

Regardless of the number of light hours the plants receive, they grow, flower and completely mature approximately 10 weeks from sprouting. Perfect for growing outdoors over the Summer months. Autoflowering plants produce their biggest and best yields when subjected to long hours of strong, direct sunlight.

The plants are smaller, producing between 4 – 6 oz of high-quality buds when given good conditions. Although the harvests are reduced, their ease and speed of growth makes several crops possible over a complete growing season.

Sour Diesel Autoflowering seeds can also be successfully cultivated indoors. Set your lights to an 18/6 on-off cycle for the best harvests. With no change in light hours necessary, plants of all ages can be successfully grown together from seedling through to complete maturity.

Buy a 10-seed packet of these Sour Diesel Autoflowering Cannabis seeds and receive a second packet completely free during this coming week.

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online.

With a wide choice of seeds and strains, buying Cannabis seeds online in the USA can be safe, secure and easy. Purchases are dispatched directly from I Love Growing Marijuana and are guaranteed to arrive to all parts of the USA.

Postage and packaging costs are all included in the price, with a variety of secure payment options including Cash, Bitcoin, Credit/Debit card and Bank transfers.

Receive all the help and support you may require. With a dedicated customer care team available to answer any questions or concerns regarding your purchase.

Find a wealth of growing articles and guides, designed to help you achieve the very best harvest from your seeds. All available free of charge when you buy Sour Diesel Cannabis seeds online.

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