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Celebrate the joining of two delicious strains and a marriage made in heaven.

Wedding Cake Autoflower Seeds Review.
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Strain: Wedding Cake

Plant Type: Autoflowering

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Wedding Cake Auto Seeds

Combining Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, these Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds are a perfect blend of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa genes, with an added splash of Ruderalis to activate autoflowering.

Fast to mature and easy to grow, these perfectly formed Cannabis seeds will provide you with fast harvests of high quality buds, without the need for long hours of regular darkness.

Autoflowering seeds have increased dramatically in popularity over the last decade. From their small and humble beginnings, Auto strains have developed alongside all of the most popular and sought-after Cannabis seeds, allowing more and more people to grow their own plants and buds, without waiting until the Fall to harvest their plants.

With the inclusion of the Ruderalis gene, these Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds grow and flower simultaneously over a period of between 9 - 10 weeks, achieving complete maturity even during the very height of Summer. Unlike traditional feminized Wedding Cake seeds, autoflowering seeds require no set hours of daily darkness, flowering under any number of light hours.

With a much shorter life-span, and no set vegetative and flowering phases, Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds are ready to harvest less than 10 weeks from sprouting. Super-cropping techniques, including topping and pruning, shouldn't be performed on these plants as they do not have time to recover. This makes producing a good, worthwhile harvest from these seeds very easy and uncomplicated.

With such a fast-flowering strain, harvests are smaller than traditional feminized strains can produce, especially those cultivated outdoors over the course of a season. However, the ease and speed at which they achieve maturity allows for 2, or even 3 crops to be cultivated outdoors from Spring through to the Fall.

Once harvested and dried, the buds from these Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds are identical to those cultivated from traditional Cannabis seeds, with a sweet vanilla flavor and spicy ginger after-taste. Discreet. guerrilla growers will appreciate the subtle aroma, from both the plants and buds, making them much easier to hid and disguise.

THC levels average approximately 17%, producing a euphoric high that leaves the user feeling happy and confident. Unlike many other Indica dominant strains, Wedding Cake Cannabis doesn't relax you to the point of 'couch-lock', instead it quickly eases away aches and pains, invigorating the body with a burst of Sativa energy.

CBD levels are modest at under 1%, however, the strain has been known to ease pain, both muscular and joint, as well as reducing stress, anxiety and depression

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Grown Indoors or outside these Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds are a match made in Heaven.

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Wedding Cake Auto Seeds

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