Afghan Cannabis Effects

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Afghan Cannabis Seeds

100% Indica

THC Level – 20%

Medical CBD – High

Height – 60-200 cm

Yield – 400 Grams per square meter

76 Days Flowering Cycle

Best For: Indoor, Outdoor, Beginners, Medicinal

With its strong hash flavor and thick, rich smoke, Afghan Cannabis is a powerful Indica with a high resin content. It’s earthy, woody taste provides a relaxed, couch-locking stone, leaving you feeling uplifted and euphoric, but lethargic and sometimes a little lazy. A great night-time smoke, perfect for just chilling out.

Afghan Cannabis Flavor and Aroma:

Afghan Flavor

Afghan is a favorite strain for all Indica lovers with it’s strong, earthy-pine flavor and aroma. The buds are large, dense and heavy with a light green coloring and red/orange hairs, totally covered in a thick layer of resin, well known for its hash making properties.

Afghan Cannabis Effects:

Afghan Cannabis Effects

THC levels are high, around 20% and with increased CBD levels, Afghan Cannabis produces a strong, powerful ‘body-stone’, that can be euphoric, relaxing and sedative in effect. A great night time smoke, which can help alleviate aches and pains, as well as aid sleep, reducing stress and the symptoms of insomnia. See all our Cannabis seeds for sale.

Afghan Cannabis Medical Uses:

Afghan Cannabis Medical Effects

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Afghan Cannabis Review

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