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Original Cannabis plants were either Sativa or Indica. Sativa plants grew around the equator in hot countries with long Summers and plenty of daily sunlight. Indica plants grew in more harsh terrain, such as the Hindu Kush mountains, receiving fewer hours of sunlight, and shorter Summers.

These two distinctly difference types of Cannabis produce different effects, ranging from the euphoric, cerebral high generated by the Sativa’s, to the pain-numbing ‘body-stone’ created by the Indica strains. The flavors and aromas from these different strains can also vary widely from a pleasant citrus, fruity taste, to a musky, ‘skunky’ Cheese.

Knowing the smell, flavor and effects generated by each individual strain can help you choose the best Cannabis seeds for your needs. All of the reviews in this section contain visual aides and graphs designed to help you understand the strains traits and characteristics quickly and easily.

Cannabis Flavor Graph

Bubblegum Flavor

Each of the reviews in this section contain a flavor graph. This is a quick and easy way to understand what the buds aroma and taste will be like once they have been cut, dried and cured. Some individual plants may be more or less tasty and pungent than others, but all the seeds will have a similar taste and smell.

In the example above we can see that these buds have a sweet berry flavor and floral aroma. This is Bubblegum Cannabis and has a sweet candy and berry flavor with a complex flowery aroma.

Cannabis Effects Graph

Big Bud Effects

As well as selecting a strain with the flavor and aroma you enjoy, it’s important that it creates the right effects for you. If you are looking for a creative, energizing high, a heavy Indica would be the wrong choice. Likewise for insomniacs looking for a strain to knock them out at night, an energizing Sativa would produce the opposite results.

Understanding the different effects that strains of Cannabis can produce will help you to make the correct choice for your needs. In the example above we can see the effects are listed with the most powerful first, so it produces a relaxed, happy and euphoric feeling that can make you feel tired and give you the ‘munchies’. Classic feelings and sensations experienced from Cannabis hybrids containing both Sativa and Indica genetics.

Medical Uses Graph

Northern Lights Medical Uses

There are many people who enjoy the positive medical benefits marijuana and cannabis produces, and are looking for strains that provide these attributes. Although a number of clinical trials are ongoing, and the benefits of using cannabis for a wide number of specific ailments is still unproven, it is generally accepted that certain strains can help to reduce and relieve a selection of medical problems.

The medical uses graph above has been produced to assist you in choosing Cannabis seeds and strains that may assist in reducing these conditions, and although the strain may have many other medical uses, these are the most commonly accepted views.

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