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Durban Poison Seeds produce outstanding yields when grown naturally outdoors.

Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds Review
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Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison is a world-famous, pure Sativa Marijuana strain that originally came from the South African port city of Durban.

A perfect ‘land-race’ strain whose genetics have been incorporated into many popular hybrids, and are now available through us in Regular only form.

Pure land-race, Sativa strains are extremely hard to find in this ever increasing world of new hybrids, so for Marijuana growers looking for a totally natural strain.

Durban Poison is a perfect choice, only ever being inter-bred as nature intended.

Kept as true and unchanged from their origins as possible, Durban Poison seeds will produce either a male or female plant.

Marijuana and Cannabis are deciduous plants, the seeds are in-printed with the genetics to be either a male or female at their creation. On average, seeded buds produce 50% male and 50% female seeds.

It is almost impossible to know which plants are male and which female, until the pre-flowering and sexing stage of the plants development.

If you wish to produce unseeded buds from your plants, you will need to separate the males from the females, or the pollen from the males will quickly fertilize your female’s, switching them from bud, to seed production.

Durban Poison seeds are not recommended for complete beginners or novice growers. The fact they are Regular seeds means they require sexing and separation, compared to feminized varieties.

Grown by an experienced grower looking to produce their own Durban Poison seeds, or to find a breeding male or clone mother, these seeds are of the highest quality, producing plants that excel when grown outdoors in sunny climates.

Grown naturally outdoors over the late Spring and Summer, Durban Poison seeds produce extremely large, vibrant plants, capable of reaching 230 cm tall when fully mature. The thick stems and long slender leaves are typical of a true Sativa, with the female buds becoming extremely large and swollen, with over-sized resin glands as maturity approaches.

Typically an outdoor strain, Durban Poison is ready to harvest during the early Fall or Autumn months, around late September, with individual plant yields weighing incredible amounts.

Not a strain for indoor growers, unless you can set your lights to decrease naturally each day and provide the perfect light spectrum, so indoor harvests are dramatically reduced, achieving approximately 375 grams of dried buds per square meter.

The dense, round buds often show a blue/purple coloring and are well known for the large resin glands that coat them, making this a quality choice for concentrate extraction, or using the trimmings for making edibles from. The sweet earthy-pine aroma is pleasant and fragrant, with a fruity, grapefruit flavor.

Popular in many Medical Marijuana dispensaries, Durban Poison has an average THC content of approximately 16% with low CBD levels, producing an energizing, clear and cerebral high, that leaves you feeling uplifted and euphoric, with a creative, happy feeling. Perfect for daytime use for medicinal users, and for recreational use where it can stimulate conversation and create a happy, relaxed atmosphere.

You can buy Regular Durban Poison seeds with the assurance of guaranteed delivery and germination today. Through our links with I Love Growing Marijuana, we can offer complete packs of 10 or 20 hand-selected seeds, all 100% guaranteed to germinate. For the best breeding male or clone mother, these are your seeds!

Produced in Amsterdam, Holland, these seeds contain only the finest genetics. The very best super-stealth packaging and a cast-iron 100% delivery guarantee comes with every order, as well as total customer support and the free Growing Marijuana Guide download by Robert Bergman.

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Durban Poison Seeds

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