Guerrilla Growing Tips

Guerrilla Growing

Guerrilla Growing Tips

Guerrilla growing marijuana plants is gaining in popularity and becoming more common across many states across the USA, as well as other areas of the world that restrict the growing and use of cannabis. Countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada as well as many other ‘free’ countries refuse to allow the free, unrestricted use and cultivation of cannabis, forcing people to start growing marijuana in their house, or on their land, or, alternatively, turn to ‘guerrilla growing’ methods and techniques to cultivate and produce their own cannabis and marijuana buds and edibles.

The general demand for good quality recreational and medical marijuana has increased, so has the amount of guerrilla growing set-up’s and operations. Even growers living in the more tolerant states, cannabis gardeners are restricted to a set, maximum number of marijuana plants and seedlings that can be legally planted and grown, often outlawing growing marijuana completely. As there are large areas of the USA, offering perfect growing conditions from Spring through to early Fall, growing marijuana outdoors can be cheap, easy and rewarding, with many strains capable of creating large plants with generous harvests. While there is demand for something, you can guarantee someone is profiting from it’s supply, and against the law or permitted, many people adopt guerrilla growing techniques and methods as a means of reducing the risks of being caught, while still generating their own plants and good quality marijuana or cannabis buds and cola’s.

For the majority of gardeners, guerrilla growing marijuana substantially reduces the chances of being caught in possession of, or cultivating cannabis plants. Although many parts of the USA, allow the use of marijuana, many don’t, and growing marijuana at home is very restricted. Growing marijuana and cannabis in the UK is against the law in all parts of the country, and even though there are less open spaces as there are in the USA, guerrilla growing methods have been adopted there too, often in some of the cleverest places, including an unused, old nuclear bunker.

There are several guerrilla growing methods, and it can take many different guises, even though growing marijuana plants outdoors, and away from your own property, and in a secluded and remote area is usually the most used and known method, there is a range of different ways of start guerrilla growing marijuana plants, that are used right across the world, from small, personal grows, through to commercial operations and ‘cash-crop’ businesses. Which-ever method you choose to use, the aim remains to produce the best quality marijuana without attracting attention and getting arrested.

Outdoor Guerrilla Growing Marijuana Plants

Right now is the best time to start the guerrilla growing operation. For some novice growers it’s natural and perfectly acceptable to plant their marijuana seeds straight into the prepared growing area, many growers would rather germinate and start the seeds in advance, employing the recommended and established techniques detailed in the free downloads available. See all our Cannabis seeds for sale.

It’s important that you prepare the soil ready to accept the young seedlings, prepare it in advance during one of the previous visits and perhaps drop a cheap pair of sunglasses, a few shiny coins or a ball in the general area if other people do visit where you plan to grow, these objects will soon disappear. If the coins or objects are still where you left them on subsequent visits, it’s assumed you have selected a reasonably quiet and secluded spot. Plant the seedlings into the prepared soil, water well, and try to camouflage the guerrilla growing site as much as possible. Placing the seedlings in several areas near by your selected location arouses less suspicion compared to rows of neat young plants.

Try to go near the area as few times as possible tell no one what you are doing, or where it is. Your plants can need a lot of water and nutrients during both the growth as well as early flowering stages, especially the season grown, bigger feminized seeds and strains. Try to approach the plants from different directions, varying when you visit them, if there are people in the area, keep away, returning later, once the guerrilla growing site hasn’t been discovered or disturbed the day’s and times that you visit your guerrilla growing set-up to feed and water the crop, if there’s walkers, hunters or other people anywhere in the vicinity, keep away from your plants, returning another day to reduce any suspicions.

People, bugs and molds may become issues for a lot of outdoor guerrilla growers, and each problem capable of destroying your plants during a variety stages of the plants life. Defending against many of common problems needs a variety of different formula’s during different phases during the plants development. The three pack Protection system have been created specifically in order to defend against many of the commonly occurring problems and issues faced by both outdoor and indoor marijuana growers, as well as being recommended by many customers for all guerrilla growing operations.

Key Guerrilla Growing Tips

Once they’ve arrived, germinate your marijuana seeds and allow them to become small young plants before you transport them to the outdoor growing operation.

Prepare the guerrilla growing area prior to planting, check the security and disturb the surrounding area as little as possible.

It’s important that you keep your operation to yourself, discretion is vital for success and so the fewer people that know what and and where, the better.

It’s important that you protect the marijuana plants from the most common issues such as bugs and mold faced by outdoor guerrilla growers.

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