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The Beginning Of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Since their creation in the early 1980’s, feminized cannabis seeds have grown in popularity and are the most commonly purchased form of cannabis seeds both online and from the various retail outlets and dispensaries. Often new growers don’t even realize that past growers would buy packets of cannabis seeds and have to grow more than they required to compensate for the fifty percent of unwanted male plants that regular seeds produce. As feminized cannabis seeds became more popular, many of these regular strains disappeared, leaving only the most stable and demanded stains behind.

Feminized cannabis seeds however were booming, as the years went by new and exciting strains were developed and created, leading to the wide and diverse choice that’s available today. By crossing, back-crossing and stabilizing the offspring of these original feminized cannabis seeds, breeders were able to enhance and extenuate individual traits and characteristics, creating strains with a selection of tastes and aroma’s, as well as one’s that were high in THC, extreme in yield, and fast to mature.

The development of specialist growing equipment made indoor ‘home-grown’ cannabis a possibility during the 1990’s, and further advancements have led to the development of a number of different bulbs and lamps, systems and techniques including hydroponic and aeroponic growing methods. As indoor growing had a limited area in which to grow, it seemed obvious to many people that achieving the best yield from the area meant growing female-only plants, further increasing the demand for feminized cannabis seeds and reducing the desire to buy regular cannabis seeds.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Contain No Males

Cannabis seeds are deciduous, this means each seed will produce either a male or female plant and the sex is pre-determined in it’s genetics. Unlike many plants, cannabis cannot reproduce itself without the input from both the male and female, and unless the female cannabis plant is fertilized by a male it will remain seedless and unable to reproduce. Therefore, if all males are removed from the growing area, the resulting female buds will be of the best quality and totally seedless.

Several of the world’s best cannabis seed breeders and producers began manipulating the genes of the most stable cannabis strains such as Skunk, Northern Lights and White Widow, trying to create seeds which produced female only plants, and although some of these early seeds were to prone to producing the odd, rogue male flower, known as hermaphrodite seeds, the early successes were positive and encouraging.

As these new feminized seeds become more stable, they were released for general sale among the traditional regular varieties. At first demand was slow, with many ‘old-school’ growers wary of these new seeds, but as time moved on, more and more growers saw the benefits of feminized cannabis seeds, as they ensured every seed planted generated a worthwhile harvest of female buds, required no sexing, and so maximized the potential yield from the growing area.

As the number of home cannabis growers increased, so did the demand for pure female seeds, leaving many of the regular seeds unwanted by smaller, hobby growers. As the early strains were often available as both regular and feminized seeds, growers had the choice, but with the majority selecting to buy feminized seeds, it soon to the cannabis seed producers that producing new regular seeds and strains would be a waste of resources, and instead decided to focus on creating new and exciting strains in feminized seed format only. See all our Cannabis seeds for sale.

Since then, the cannabis community has seen a huge rise in the number of different feminized seeds and strains available to grow. New companies have emerged in both Amsterdam, Spain and the USA with reputations for producing the highest quality seeds, and regularly compete in annual cups to find the best strains for that year. As growers tastes, needs and techniques diversified, so too did the selection of feminized seeds from which they could choose. Breeders were focusing on new tasty varieties, often using the original Skunk #1 as a foundation, creating the now famous OG Kush, Sour Diesel and Cheese varieties.

With the introduction and rapid rise in popularity of these new feminized cannabis seeds and strains, regular seeds declined further, and few new strains were created as demand become limited to an ever decreasing group of customers. New growers saw little use in planting regular seeds and possibly growing male plants, often not wishing to waste precious space inside their grow rooms, and so buying feminized cannabis seeds, with the guarantee of pure female’s, became the normal and obvious choice to many.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The main advantage with feminized cannabis seeds is there ability to produce only female plants. As many of the states in the USA permit their residents to grow a limited number of plants for either recreational or medicinal purposes, it’s important to many growers that each plant is capable of returning a worthwhile harvest. It is almost impossible to know the sex of a plant before it begins flowering, and subsequently removing up to half the plants which are male, seriously reduces the total harvest.

There is a much wider choice of feminized cannabis seeds compared to regular strains, with breeders focusing their attentions upon their feminized collections far more than regular strains. Many of the highly popular strains such as Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream and Trainwreck can only be purchased in feminized form.

Achieving the highest per square meter yields often requires the use of techniques where male plants would be a disaster. Both Screen-of-Green and hydroponic growers rely on the fact that all their seeds will generate pure female plants, and a rogue male within a Screen-of-Green, or hydroponic set-up would generate many problems.

Almost all quality feminized cannabis seeds are highly stable and produce a uniform crop. The process used to feminized the seeds produces seeds that all contain similar traits, characteristics and attributes, allowing the grower to select seeds that suit their tastes and needs. Highly stable, each seed will produce a plant of similar size, yield and taste and mature within the same time period.

For the new and average home grower, feminized cannabis seeds offers the assurance that each seed will produce a female plant and worthwhile harvest without the need for sexing. However there are a number of drawbacks and disadvantages with feminized cannabis seeds that you should also be aware of.

Devoid of male chromosomes, each seed will be a pure female plant without any rogue male flowers. This eliminates the chances of finding a few seeds in the buds to plant for future harvests. Feminized cannabis seeds are usually highly stable, creating identical plants every time. Although this can be an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage, as each plant is identical to another, where more variety and variation is often found with the more natural, regular cannabis seed varieties.

Breeding your own seeds and new varieties is impossible with only feminized seeds. Although females generated from feminized cannabis seeds can be fertilized, they require pollen, which is only produced by the male plant. To create new strains, a male plant will have to be grown to later pollinate the female and create a fresh batch of seeds.

Although feminized cannabis seeds are great for producing a high quality, worthwhile return of guaranteed female buds, their ability to produce strong, vibrant clones is limited. Cuttings taken from plants created from feminized cannabis seeds often struggle to produce roots, taking far longer than clones produced from regular seed plants, and in some cases fail to root at all. Mother plants grown from regular seeds are always considered superior to one’s from feminized seeds as they appear to root quicker and grow faster in comparison.

Buying Feminized Cannabis Seeds

If you wish to grow your own cannabis plants, feminized seeds are the easiest to grow, returning good harvests of pure female buds. For the majority of home-growers who only wish to produce their own buds, feminized cannabis seeds offer the assurances of female plants and worthwhile harvests.

We offer a wide and varied selection of the finest quality feminized cannabis seeds, each sold with guaranteed delivery and germination. Don’t take any risks with your purchase, using the very best in stealth packaging and shipping methods, all orders are guaranteed to arrive and germinate, creating strong, vibrant cannabis plants with the characteristics you desire.

If you want to ensure you are growing the best female plants, buy feminized cannabis seeds containing the highest quality genetics. With a selection of outstanding seeds and strains, from those ‘old-school’ classics to the latest and most popular creations, our recommended feminized cannabis seeds are of the highest quality.

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