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A powerful 4-way medical marijuana hybrid popular for it’s extremely high CBD levels.

Harlequin Cannabis Seeds Review
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Harlequin is a potent hybrid comprising of four marijuana strains. It's 20% Indica genetics are supplied courtesy of a high quality Nepali, while the 80% Sativa genes are from a combination of Swiss Sativa, Colombian Gold and Thai. Stable and easy to grow, it's become a firm favorite with the medical community, and growers, both indoors and outside.

Available in regular format only, Harlequin males are perfect for breeding with, while the females produce strong, fast-rooting clones, creating identical plants and buds every time. The dominant Sativa genetics produce a tall plant, benefiting from super-cropping techniques such as topping, staking and bending to maximize the overall yield.

Both indoors and outside, the plants are capable of producing large cola's, and although a constant air-flow should be maintained around the buds, they are able to deal with increased humidity levels better than many  other strains. Vegetative times can be kept to a minimum indoors, with the plants enjoying the classic 'Sativa stretch' during early flowering.

As these are regular marijuana seeds, they may produce either a male or female plant, and will require sexing during pre-flowering. Complete maturity requires between 8 - 9 weeks when grown indoors, or early Fall when grown outside. Yields are good, approximately 400 grams per square meter indoors, achieving around 17 ounces of good quality marijuana when grown outside over a complete season.

Harlequin delivers a fast-acting creative high that's highly sociable and energizing. A great day-time smoke leaving the user feeling awake and positively charged, reducing tiredness and fatigue. Fast-acting and with increased CBD levels, the high is long-lasting, creative and sociable.

THC levels vary depending on pheno-type, averaging between 7-15%, but it's the extremely high CBD content that makes this strain so popular. A highly effective natural pain-killer capable of alleviating stress, tension and many of the anxieties some people experience with marijuana containing a high THC content.

When smoked, Harlequin marijuana buds have a pleasant, earthy aroma, while the flavor is stronger than anticipated, with a spicy, slightly woody herbal taste, edged with a creamy smoothness. Available now in regular packs of 10 and 20 seeds, you can buy Harlequin marijuana seeds with free shipping and guaranteed delivery ready for this growing season.

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