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Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds

10% Sativa – 90% Indica

THC Level – 18%

Medical CBD – Medium

Height – 100-130 cm

Yield – 350-450 Grams per square meter

60 Day Flowering Cycle

Best For: Indoor, Outdoor, Medical

Northern Lights Cannabis is a very powerful Indica variety that can produce a ‘couch-locking’ effect for light users. Strong pain-relieving qualities numb the body, while the slight Sativa influence relaxes the mind, making it a good night-time smoke with an earthy, sweet pine flavor. See all our Cannabis seeds for sale.

Northern Lights Flavor and Aroma:

Northern Lights Flavor

Northern Lights is well-known for its powerful Indica body-stone effect, often taking lighter smokers by surprise and inducing a ‘couch-locking’ stone. The hard, colorful buds are very dense and have great ‘bag-appeal’ with an earthy, sweet-pine flavor.

Northern Lights Effects:

Northern Lights Effects

A perfect night-time smoke, inducing a relaxed, euphoric sensation and calming feeling, with the ability to relief the stress and anxiety sometimes caused by modern, fast living. Well known for its pain relieving properties and assistance with inducing sleep, especially helpful for insomniacs.

Northern Lights Medical Uses:

Northern Lights Medical Uses

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