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Northern Lights Regular Seeds

A Pure Indica, these Northern Lights Regular seeds offer exceptional breeding and cloning quality.

Northern Lights Regular Seeds Review.
  • Northern Lights Regular Seeds

Northern Lights Regular

Northern Lights was one of the first genetically created hybrid strains, containing pure Indica genetics. An extremely stable and highly versatile strain that grows well both indoor and outside, producing a colorful display of resinous buds in a short flowering period.

These Regular Northern Lights seeds have a vibrant and hardy nature, making very forgiving of many of the mistakes beginners and new growers can make. The short, squat plants remain compact, with mature plants achieving an average of 70 cm when fully grown, perfect for indoor growers, and the more discreet outdoor gardener.

Created from an outstanding Afghan and high quality Thai, these Regular Northern Lights seeds offer pure 100% Indica genetics. Unlike feminized Northern Lights seeds, Regular Cannabis seeds will create either a male or female plant. The females produced from these seeds make excellent clone ‘mothers’, while the pollen from the male plants contains all the Northern Lights genetics to inject into your own, chosen female and create seeds with.

Flowering commences when the plants are introduced to twelve hours of continues darkness on a daily basis, and on average the male plants will display their sex first., allowing plenty of time to separate them from the females. The female plants are quick to flower and begin building buds rapidly, requiring just 49 days to completely flower and mature.

Yields from the females are good, with harvests averaging approximately 500 grams of dried buds per square meter. Large, dense and generously coated in resin, the buds have a pungently sweet, yet spicy flavor and aroma, producing a thick, rich smoke with an earthy, pine-like aroma.

You can buy Regular Northern Lights seeds direct from I Love Growing Marijuana, our recommended online retailer, by clicking the link below. All purchased are covered by their delivery and germination guarantee, assuring you of the finest genetics and freshest seeds.

All prices include direct shipping from Amsterdam, Holland and the very best, ‘Super-Stealth’ packaging, and if you fail to receive your purchase, the delivery guarantee and friendly customer support service will dispatch replacements as soon as possible.

Enjoy the very best advice, help and support, by downloading the free Growing Marijuana Guide, written by Robert Bergman, this no obligation, free download contains information on systems, techniques and feeding schedules to assist you in growing the best plants, and biggest yields possible.

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Northern Lights Regular Seeds

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Northern Lights Regular Seeds

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